Sunday, November 29, 2009

We're Free At Last

The revelation of Climategate, that the scientists in charge of climate research have engaged in dishonest behavior and sought to manipulate data in order to perpetrate a worldwide hoax, is the best news to come along in many years. In the coming months, as the evidence is examined and the full extent of the deceit is uncovered, the world will come to several conclusions. First and foremost will be that many needless rules and regulations will be wiped from the books.

However, the best news is there is no excuse for us not to drill for oil, to build refineries and nuclear plants. We can return to using any light bulb we wish. California can no longer dictate what kind of televisions their citizens can purchase. We can abandon inefficient and expensive substitutes for aerosol can propellants and automotive air conditioner refrigerants. We can rescue our automotive industry by declaring a moratorium on new pollution requirements for several years.

The standard of living in third world countries can be improved at a faster rate, lifting more people out of poverty. The energy required for basic human needs such as clean water will now be much less expensive and therefore more widely available. There are many other benefits and they're all good. This might be just what we need to lift us out of our current economic recession.

Common sense instead of fantasy will be restored to government. OK, maybe not, but it's a start.

We also have a litmus test for anyone running for public office: "Do you believe in climate change?" If the answer is yes, especially in light of evidence that we've been lied to for many years by those once trusted to seek out scientific truth, then that person is disqualified from office, just as they should have been even before now.

The more we think of how pervasive this issue is, the happier we should be.

We are no longer held hostage by a myth.

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