Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Farewell Former Representative Massa: You Won't be Missed

This blog watched the train wreck that was billed as an interview on Glenn Beck's television show yesterday. At the end, Glenn apologized to America for wasting an hour of our time.

I'm not so sure an apology is necessary, Glenn. In fact, you may have actually done us a favor.

What we heard and saw in yesterday's interview was eye-opening and makes me want to test the water in Washington for hallucinogens. What we heard was rambling and often incoherent. Judging by his performance, Massa seems incapable of drawing a straight line between two points. Direct questions were not only not answered, there was no attempt to even stay on the topic of the question. Massa resembled a pinball, bouncing off this bumper, then that one with no apparent goal and certainly no intent of actually answering a question. Prior to his Beck appearance, he said he was forced out of Congress when he really resigned.

Beck was visibly upset at the end of his show. One could sense that it had not gone the way he'd planned. His guest had not been cooperative nor forthcoming with the answers to the questions posed. In particular, the topic of corruption had not been adequately addressed, which may have accounted for most of Beck's dour mood.

Glenn, perhaps the hour did not live up to your standards. Don't feel bad, it didn't reach mine either. We both wanted to know far more about the inner workings of Congress than Massa disclosed. You weren't at fault here, it was clearly Massa's intent to duck, bob, and weave his way around questions like a boxer.

What you did, Glenn, was show us the man. In that respect, you succeeded. Massa clearly does not possess the qualitites necessary for a leadership position, which is curious considering his many years of Naval service to his country. He could not, or would not answer a direct question in a clear and concise manner.

Glenn, you showed us the type of person we need to purge from Washington.

For that, I thank you.

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