Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Presidential Campaign Speech We’ll Never Hear

My fellow Americans, these are perilous times for our nation. Our country is in serious trouble. Everywhere you look, there are signs that America is not what it once was.

Our unemployment rate is currently over nine percent and rising. Total sub employment stands around eighteen percent. The number of working Americans is at an all-time low.

Oil prices are high and approaching a new record. If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ve no doubt seen the rapid rise of the cost of food. Many items such as coffee and chocolate are becoming luxuries for too many Americans. Our dollar doesn’t buy as much now as it did last year.

Well-meaning but misguided government programs like Cash for Clunkers needlessly destroyed perfectly good vehicles and help drive up the cost of used vehicles. Takeovers of the Student Loan sector have resulted in vast numbers of young American college students mired in massive debt and unable to find jobs in their chosen field. Already, the government takeover of the health care industry is forcing employers to drop private health insurance plans, depriving Americans of effective, affordable health care.

Too many Americans are struggling with a mortgage that is worth far more that their home is currently valued, many times keeping them stuck in an area where no jobs exist for them.

Our standing throughout the world is being greatly reduced as we snub former allies and seek the friendship of sworn enemies. This administration is more than willing to sit down with our enemies and talk, but the conversation is more one-sided than ever.

All the while, we’re being told this is the new normal for America.

This need not be.

America, the time has come for us to renew the country we love. We made a mistake in 2008. We chose a president based on vapid platitudes and empty slogans. Hope and change were really a smokscreen for the drastic engorgement of a federal government intend upon controlling your lives.

I come to you today to offer a concrete plan for an American renewal, not promises.

I come to you today to lay out my plan, a plan to recapture the American spirit of freedom, prosperity and entrepreneurship.

I will do this by drastically reducing the size, scope, and intrusiveness of the federal government.

The first step of my plan will be to open up America’s vast treasure of natural resources. No longer will we be held hostage by various government agencies that pass regulations that restrict our access to these God-given resources. My highest priority will be the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency. This responsibility will be shifted to the individual states.

I will make America truly energy independent. No longer will we be held hostage by hostile foreign sources of energy. We have an abundance of coal, which we will use to produce cheap energy wherever possible. I will streamline the process for constructing a new, safe generation of nuclear power plants. The wealth generated by this emphasis on American energy will help fund research into alternative forms of energy in the private sector, in an effort to bring effective and viable, inexpensive forms of energy to market.

This will be but one step toward making America great once again. My next initiative will be the rebuilding of our manufacturing base, so that those Americans who work with their hands can have the bright future for themselves and their families that a career in manufacturing offers. We will no longer be dependent upon other countries to do what we can and should be doing for ourselves, that being creating American products in America.

I will vigorously promote American farming, so that we will have a bounty of food for ourselves and for others.

I will secure our southern border with Mexico. There will be no more violation of our immigration laws. Sanctuary cities will no longer receive federal funds of any type. Employers who seek to bypass our laws to hire illegals will be the subject of swift justice to stop this practice.

In order to secure the blessings of liberty for all Americans, I will review all presidentially appointed appointed judges. With the help of the Supreme Court, I will ask that a simple test be administered to all potential judicial nominees that measures their understanding of our Constitution as it is written. The results of this test will be made public so that the America people will have the confidence that their government will always act in a way that conforms to the principles laid out by our Founders. No longer will there be endless appeals with outcomes that are constitutionally questionable. American law will be clear and equally enforced at all times. I will only nominate Supreme Court justices with a proven track record of adherence to the written word of our constitution. No longer will the court bypass the clear will of the people in their decisions. I will not tolerate legislating from the bench by justices who think our constitution is one that lives and breathes and is subject to the whims of various extremist groups.

I will insist that any bill I sign into law be written clearly in plain English. These new laws will be made available for public review for a period of no less than one month prior to signing.

In keeping with my oath, I will defend America from her domestic enemies. No longer will sedition be tolerated under the guise of freedom of speech. Traitorous acts will be met with justice, and those who advocate the overthrow of our government will be stripped of their citizenship and deported.

Also in keeping with my oath, I will defend America from her international enemies who are now gathering against us. The War on Terror will enter a new phase, one that will rid the earth of the poison of Islamic extremism wherever it is found. No longer will terrorists be held in prison. My administration will be relentless in the pursuit of terrorists who violate our sovereignty and peace, and those who seek the destruction of America will be met with swift and sure justice. No longer will innocent Americans be the focus of intrusive and unnecessary searches in our airports in the name of political correctness. We will start to treat our enemies as enemies. Our support of Israel will be strong, unwavering and unquestionable.

I will withdraw our membership in the United Nations. I will make it crystal clear that only American law, not international law, be considered in American courts. There will be no sharia law anywhere in America in any form.

I will rescind every presidential order signed by Barack Obama. I will instruct Congress to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act, the Dodd-Frank financial bill, the Clean Air and the Clean Water Acts, and the North American Free Trade Agreement. No longer will these laws restrict America’s greatness with their onerous and nonsensical rules and regulations. No longer will these laws be used by fringe extremist groups as a legal method to restrict America's harvesting of her natural resources.

The hoax of man-caused climate change will be returned to the fringes of society from whence it came. It will no longer be the basis for any law, rule, or regulation.

Furthermore, I will submit to Congress a budget that will drastically reduce the crippling national debt that was irresponsibly implemented by progressives during the 111th Congress. I will balance the budget within the first two years of my term by examining each and every federal department for their relevance, and I will push for the elimination of those departments that do not serve the clear interests of the nation and that do not promote the general welfare of the people. I will reduce our corporate tax rates drastically. I will push for a flat tax rate of no more than twelve percent of income while keeping the home mortgage deduction. I will then urge Congress to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment and end the danger to our economy posed by irresponsible spending once and for all.

I will push for a reexamination of American schools that have become a refuge for far-left radicals and their anti-American beliefs and agenda. I will urge a review of every curriculum and textbook at the local level, and purge the false notion of political correctness from our society. Real American history will be taught and celebrated in our schools once again. Our children will know such names as Washington, Hamilton, Madison, Armistead, Franklin, Lincoln, and Jefferson and will know their contribution to their lives and their freedom.

In short, I offer you my plan to revive America and return her to her rightful place in history as a shining city on the hill, a beacon of freedom that guides the world.

All this and more will I do for the country and the people I love.

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