Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The RNC Needs a Message, Not a New CIO

JohnE has this post over at Ace of SpadeHQ: Q&A With Andy Barkett, The RNC's New Chief Technology Officer. It's about the RNC's efforts to match the DNC's massive technological GOTV Machine.

I have some problems with this approach, though. Especially this part:

We've talked about and we've begun to work on a mass customized model. The Obama team got down to where they could target smaller and smaller niche. We want to go further. We want to have a model of every single individual. So if that individual person has clicked on an email from us and said that they care about a particular issue, if we've knocked on their door and asked them a question, we want to understand every single one of those people on a personal level and know how to communicate with each one of them. So, where we want to get to is that when we send out an email blast, that email is customized to each recipient.

Umm, no.

I can't understand why the RNC feels the need to duplicate the NSA's illegal and unconstitutional snooping tactics. Just in case they haven't noticed, Americans aren't all that thrilled with such invasive methods, are they NSA?

Plus, it's wholly unnecessary.

These blithering idiots may, one day, awaken to the simple fact that their national message is far more important than anything they think they need to do on the technological front. Only when they start thinking, speaking and acting in the best interests of the majority of Americans will they start to win elections.

We're all too familiar with the many times this party has ignored the will of the people and caved in to the Prog/Coms on the Left (which is everyone in the Dim party).

Hey GOP: you want to generate some interest? Howzabout being a real opposition party and start standing up against amnesty for illegals. Stand up for capitalism and a robust economy. Start standing up for freedom, the rule of law, and against the NSA's expensive and unnecessary surveillance of innocent Americans. Call for prosecutions and firings of anyone in this administration caught violating any part of our Constitution.

Show some spine. People will come looking for you and you can save all this time, energy, and money micro-targeting voters.

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