Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Official! Global Warming is Dead!

Today is a good day.

Here's why: global warming is dead.

How do I know this? Phil Jones, the climate scientist at the center of the movement, said so, right here.
...he said that for the past 15 years there has been no ‘statistically significant’ warming.
Welcome to the real world, Phil.

Those of us who live in it have been skeptical of this movement for many years. While guys like Phil Jones were compiling and manipulating information to make us believe that perfectly normal variations in weather were caused by mankind, the rest of us were wondering what the hoopla was all about. Every time they tried to get the rest of us all worried about one blizzard, or one hurricane or one tsunami, the rest of us said, "So what? A whole lot of people once believed the Earth was flat, not round." Those of us who trusted our instincts and doubted the idea of man-made climate change were called all manner of names, with a few environmentalists suggesting trials for unbelievers. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

This blog wondered how anyone could believe in something that so completely defies logic as to be laughable. Here's a little game that's fun for the whole family: substitute the phrase "Barbi dolls" for the phrase "climate change", then use it in a sentence. They both make as much sense.

I will give this movement credit for something, though. It made people feel guilty for innocently living their life. Notice how each and every little part of life was somehow turned into an egregious act against the planet and caused it irreparable harm. Everything from driving to using toilet paper was something you were doing wrong, dammit! You were eevillll! The world was so fragile, so easily damaged by you and your kind that it could just decide not to turn anymore. Then where we all be? Huh? Just think of all the little baby seals you killed by turning on your big screen TV, you, you, human!

I won't miss it.

Now that at least a little bit of truth has made its way into the publics' conscience, there is much to be done. The politicians who devised the laws and regulations that were based on this disproven hoax need to get to work to undo the damage their misguided laws have done. They need to use the same vigor they used to implement those regulations. Their swift action in this regard is the only apology necessary. Nothing else will restore the trust of the public.

On a lighter note, think of all the things we can resume, confident that our actions won't result in the failure of the earth to continue rotating. We can develop our own energy resources. We can start building nuclear plants to power our future. We don't need to use expensive and less efficient propellants in products like asthma inhalers. We need not use inefficient fluorescent bulbs if we don't want to. We can ask politicians if they believe in "climate change" and remove them from office if they say "yes". We could even burn copies of "An Inconvenient Truth." This brave new world is alive with possibilities.

We are free.

Today is a good day.

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