Thursday, May 27, 2010

Income Redistribution - Activate! Part II

In yesterday's episode, our heroic blog was deconstructing the myriad ways that Washington is going about destroying our economy and taking concrete action to reduce the standard of living for everyone.

Does it strike anyone as odd that the people we elect to make our lives more secure and prosperous are doing the exact opposite against our wishes? There's a word for that...

The animosity towards Americans engaged in business has now become official policy in the White House. It's a product of the Alinsky school of radical revolution, wherein professional rabble-rousers are deliberately employed to stir up public anger and unrest, oftentimes over the most trivial of perceived slights. The angry mob who demonstrated on the lawn of a private citizen last weekend is a prime example of this affront to hard-working Americans. It should be noted that Bank of America is operating under a staggering amount of governmental regulations, having been forced to lend to folks who were unable to afford a mortgage under the Community Redevelopment Act.

Aside from the division that is so gleefully welcome by this White House, an assault on business is an assault on the average American. When a government decides that business is an enemy of the people, it disregards the fact that many publicly held businesses are vital to the retirement accounts of many Americans who are aware of the coming insolvency of Social Security and seek to supplement their retirement income with an account of their own. Policies and actions that drive down the stock market affect many innocent retirement accounts. This is in addition to the negative effects on the creation of jobs, a more direct assault upon the people.

These anti-business zealots, who like nothing better than a throat upon which to rest their boot, share a common trait: ignorance, intentional or otherwise, of the basics of capitalism and wealth creation. Many in Washington adhere to the misguided notion that money cannot be created, it comes as the result of taking it away from someone else. This is very true in Washington, for that's how the government operates, by the taking away of anothers' assets.

But in the private sector, wealth is created daily. Great gushing gobs of it, in fact. If it were true that our economy was indeed a zero-sum game, it would never grow. The concept of wealth creation is foreign to many of these people due to the nature of their original day jobs as lawyers. Their unique place in our economy functions the same as the governmnent: they prosper by taking away from someone else. So it seems perfectly natural to them. This ignorance of capitalism is dangerous, for it leads to grand misappropriations of the publics' money, waste and fraud, not to mention corruption and high tax rates.

It appears that what's needed in Washington, in addition to basic economics classes for Congress and this administration, is the attitude that public servants are there to actually serve the public. This means refraining from meddlesome regulations and laws that stifle wealth creation and growth. Make no mistake, our current dismal economy is a direct result of meddling in the marketplace, with good intentions as we are always told, but with disastrous outcomes.

We need legislators who view as their priorities the economic health of the citizenry and diversity in the job market, thereby providing ample opportunity for all Americans who wish to dream the American Dream.

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