Monday, August 2, 2010

A Second American Revolution?

While surfing the Internet this weekend, I ran across this headline on the Drudge Report:

PAPER: Will Washington's Failures Lead To Second American Revolution?

Well, this could be any paper. It's probably some fringe Tea Party wannabees trying to get some publicity. Couldn't be anyone important, could it? OK, I'll bite and click just to see who these rabble rousers are.

Surprise, surprise. Those malcontents are from Investors' Business Daily. Hardly a fringe group, but then again, hardly recognized for political opinion.

And to use the word "revolution", that's a mighty strong word, especially coming from them. But, then again, these are strong times. Have you noticed how much this phrase is being repeated: "I've never witnessed this before in my lifetime." or words to that effect. It seems as though we're living the Irish curse, "May you live in interesting times."

It certainly seems as though we're experiencing a time in American history which has no precedent. One can no longer ignore the simple fact that our country is being ruled over by people who have no sense of restraint, nor a sense of legality. The question of adherence to the Constitution is met collectively by the ruling class with condescension and ridicule. Watch this video:

Money quote around the 3:10 mark - "You and people who think like you are destroying our nation." Followed by applause from the audience.

It's becoming clear that "progressive" rule is ripping apart the fabric of the republic. "Progressives" have controlled Congress for nearly four years, and the "progressive" Obama for nearly two. In that time, we've seen things that should never be. Governmental takeovers of auto companies, student loans, and the banking industry only begin the list. The end result has been an undisputed disaster. Many Americans are without jobs, or houses, or both. The rapid decline in our standard of living has never occurred before. The private sector has come under attack as the tactic of class warfare is becoming ever more pervasive, and for no reason other than to pit one American against another.

And don't get me started on the other pet tactic of the radical left, race. Never before have we seen an administration so intent upon dividing our nation (there's that phrase again). All of the things we're seeing are direct results of too much governmental interference in everyday life.

Slowly, the country is awakening from its slumber and a Second American Revolution is indeed under way. We're seeing the beginnings of it today in the Tea Party movement. Americans who have never been engaged in politics before are now finding out as much as they can about the machinations of Washington and the simplicities of the concepts of Constitutionalism as the Framers envisioned them. We're scouring candidates' web sites to find out where they stand on the issues.

Moreover, we're looking for candidates to support based on something new: the truth.

Here's a good sample question for a candidate - "Do you support the notion that the Federal government has limited powers as outlined in the Constitution" Any answer other than a direct yes or no should tell you that the candidate has no clear idea of American political theory and cannot function effectively in Washington as a true representative of the people. Our government was designed to be small and weak when it comes to anything beyond the scope of the powers granted to it, as long as that scope was upheld by people of principle. Our three branches of power are designed to prevent abuses of power such as those we're seeing by this administration. The Supreme Court is our last line of defense against outright tyranny, but even they seem reluctant to rein in the power of Obama.

Our Framers clearly understood that there is a line that government cannot cross without infringing upon the rights and responsibilities of the populace. Previously, we had representatives who understood this concept. However, as we see in the video above, this is not the current opinion in Washington. As we rediscover our history which has been obscured by the "progressive" movement, we're finding out just how far we've fallen from the country that our Founders gave us.

We want our country back.

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