Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 111th Congress – How Can We Miss You if You Won’t Go Away?

For this current Congress, the mid-terms never occurred. It’s still business as usual, despite the fact that America voted for change just a few weeks ago.

What we wanted (and expressed through our votes) was some fiscal responsibility in Washington. After two years of spending in a misguided attempt to get our economy going based on voodoo, Keynesian style, we’ve seen no improvement in our national situation. In fact, we’re in far worse shape now than when this Congress began.

So, what part of failure does this Congress not understand?

Now, normal people would be at least a little bit embarrassed by a record that stinks. And this Congress’ record reeks. Normal people would acknowledge the will of the American people and just go home. Not these folks.

Despite new record numbers of people in poverty, on food stamps (including far too many in the military), out of work for over a year, filing bankruptcy, foreclosing on their homes, this Congress looks like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going and going.

Moreover, just yesterday, they set another record for public disapproval. This Congress is the most unpopular in the history of polling with a rate of only 13%. Yet they’re still on the job doing things that no legitimate body should be doing. In fact, a strong argument could be made that what they’re currently doing is illegitimate and illegal.

After all, many of them no longer have a job in Washington. They’re acting like an employee who knows he’s about to be fired at the company Christmas party who brings brownies laced with a laxative.

The legacy of this Congress will certainly be nothing to remember except for the damage they’ve done to the nation. Their radical, far-left agenda has left a once-great country teetering on the edge of insolvency. Record deficits are now eroding our economy like rust on an abandoned car. If not reined in, these deficits have the potential to literally kill the American Dream for the majority of us. And we don’t want that much. We’d just like to have a good paying job so we can have a bit of security, own our own home and provide for our families. However, even these modest wants are too much for this Congress to secure for us.

It’s much more important for them to expand the reach of the EPA with onerous new regulations, take over the country’s health care system, wildly overspend money that we must borrow from China, take over our financial system and our college loans, take over not one but two auto companies and defy established stockholder law, the list goes on. All this against the will of the people.

No wonder Roger Simon over at Pajamas Media likens Harry Reid to Hugo Chavez. The similarities are creepy, in addition to being destructive to both countries.

We should find a way to halt this lame-duck session. We should issue orders to Congress to cease immediately, stand down, and go home. After all, they’re supposed to work for us.

I know I’m dreaming. This Congress didn’t listen to us for two years, why start now? How many impassioned phone calls did they ignore urging them not to pass the ObamaCare bill for example?

America has seen what an out-of-control Congress can do to damage the country. And we’re going to feel the aftereffects for years to come. But we’ve started to change course. This new Congress has a clear mandate to stop or reverse as much of this destructive leftward lurch that we’ve been on for two years. Although you’ll hear folks like Slow Joe Biden and Harry Reid whine that Republicans are obstructing this president, the correct answer would be, “Hell yeah! We’ve had enough of your job-killing, bank-robbing, thuggish ways and we voted these people in to stop you in no uncertain terms. You are a lame duck administration.”

Get used to it.

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