Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Republicans Winning the Battle of the Bulging Budget

There are two fights currently being waged in Washington over the budget. Both of them are due to the 111th Congress led by Pelosi and Reid and their irresponsible and ruinous tactic of creating massive debt on a level unseen in American history in an attempt to gain political power. Aided by President Obama and his similarly misguided efforts to violate all the known laws of economics, we have now reached an impasse that threatens to shut down the Federal government.

The first fight is one over the continuing resolutions made necessary by the previous Congress’ refusal to do their duty by passing a budget for this fiscal year. The second battle will be over the new Congress’ budget as proposed by Paul Ryan. You’ll be hearing a great deal about the budget, so it’s important to keep these two undissimilar issues separated.

Befitting this blog, I’ll start with Ryan’s budget proposal first. This is the 2012 Federal budget that he outlined in a Wall Street Journal article here. In it, he plans real live cuts to the budget, not cuts in the rate of increases. Democrats have already begun to howl that these cuts will starve senior citizens and children, result in the closure of police, fire departments and libraries, cause dandruff, and make all animals be born naked. As scripted, Nancy Pelosi has already started her tired attacks on the mean old Republicans, stating most of those things here. Come on, Nancy, at least try to come up with something more original.

But most of the news in the next few days will be about the latest in a series of continuing resolutions, again made necessary by Pelosi and Reid’s failure to submit a budget for this fiscal year. Their failure was a calculated effort to try to paint the incoming Republican-led Congress as brutal brutes, catering to the whims of eeeeevil corporations and the source of all things bad in America, “the rich.” They did this (or, rather, didn’t do it) when they started seeing polls last fall accurately predicting their losses in November. So, Pelosi and Reid decided to give their remaining progressive partners some ammo for the next election cycle: no budget.

Never mind that America has witnessed the many failed efforts to spend us out of a depression with Porkulus, Cash 4 Clunkers, a takeover of Wall Street and the health care industry, student loans, all resulting in a financial disaster of Biblical proportions. Mysteriously, even the $800,000 spent to teach Africans to wash their genitals didn’t lift us out of the Obama Depression. Funny, that.

All the smoke and mirrors in the world can’t disguise the failure of this administration’s fiscal irresponsibility. Obama himself bravely committed to a freeze after increasing federal hiring to historically high levels. He wants to keep that spending at unsustainably high levels for a reason, and you won’t like the reason why.

Even during his presidential campaign, Obama was committed to causing as much economic damage to the country as he could once in office. Remember his intention to cause everyone’s utility bills to “necessarily skyrocket” under his plan for a Cap-and-Trade environmental bill? That this single statement didn’t automatically disqualify him for further consideration is a mystery that remains unsolved, save for the fact that the Make Believe Media ignored it. That should have been a gigantic red flag for every voter in the country. Klaxon alarms should have sounded inside the heads of every sentient American that if we elected a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist, the first thing he would do is bring us to our knees by destroying our economy. It's the Cloward-Piven, divide-and-conquer America strategy on steroids.

Ask yourself what Obama would be doing differently if he were deliberately planning America’s destruction. Everything he’s done so far has harmed the nation in undreamed of ways: he is anti-business in a capitalist country whose business is business. He has embraced only certain companies like General Electric who stand to gain from his perverted brand of crony capitalism and who also control a major arm of the Progressive Pravda Media. He supports public sector unions who are draining state treasuries in order to keep the Democrat Party funded with taxpayer dollars confiscated from member’s checks against their will.

Obama even has the audacity to tell Congressional Republicans to “act like grown-ups” in the battle over the continuing resolution.

Well, Mr. President, they are acting like adults.

Adults know when to say “no.” Adults realize they can’t spend more than they take in every month. Adults are capable of basic math like addition and subtraction. Adults don’t play childish games with something as serious as the crushing debt you’ve helped create that has failed to get our economy out of the ditch. Adults don’t blame others for their own failures.

Adults also understand free-market capitalism in a way that you obviously don’t.

Let me make this perfectly clear – any shutdown of the federal government will be purely the fault of Obama and Reid. Should either one of them fail to pass a continuing resolution that starts to whittle away at the size and scope of the federal government, they will be the ones directly responsible for starving seniors and children.

This isn’t the Nineties. Obama doesn’t enjoy the advantages that Clinton had, namely high public approval ratings and a sound economy. He will be unable to pin this on the Republicans, as the Democrats hope to do.

America is awake. Games and fiscal parlor tricks won’t cut it anymore. We will not tolerate any obstruction by Democrats. There will be no compromise and no excuses for cutting the government down to size.

Mr. President and Harry Reid, get it done and do it right.

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