Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exposing "Nature Fakers" in the Modern Environmental Movement

Whilst surfing the web this morning, I found this article from the Hoover Institution over at Instapundit. It's quite good and shows how long radical environmentalists have been at war with capitalism and civilization. It also deconstructs the two myths that the radical, far-left, anti-human Green Nazis depend on, the Noble Savage and the Golden Age.

Here's a sample:
A pleasing and sentimental “nature fakery” is dangerous when it fuels policies that should be based on a rational cost-benefit analysis, and that should put people and their flourishing first. Rather than pleasing myths, we need what environmental writer Gregg Easterbrook calls “ecorealism,” the sober conviction “that logic, not sentiment, is the best tool for safeguarding nature,” and that an “accurate understanding of the actual state of the environment will serve the Earth better than expressions of panic.”

Ahhh, logic and the truth. Two things in short supply in Washington.

As Dr. Reynolds would say, were he here, is "Read the whole thing" and "More of this, please."

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