Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Warning from Lord Monckton

Well, so much for posting lighter fare on the weekend.

I found this very disturbing post over at Atlas Shrugs where one of the defenders of common sense issues a dire and frightening warning about the upcoming climate treaty to be signed in Copenhagen. In it, he outlines the very real danger to our republic from what should be an innocent and mostly ceremonial climate treaty.

I don't scare easily and I've never believed in any sort of conspiracy theory, but this made chills run up my spine, and I wonder if this is what Obama and the radical leftists who populate the halls of power in Washington have been planning all along. Namely, to actually and in reality, take our country away from us and cede our sovereignty to some sort of world government. Needless to say, this absolutely must not happen.

This link takes you to Global Climate Scam where you can send emails to your representatives urging them to reject this treaty and the Cap and Tax Bill.

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