Friday, October 30, 2009

This is a Halloween Trick, Right?

I had to watch the clip from this article (shamelessly stolen from Hot Air) twice to make sure this wasn't from the Onion. In it, Katie Couric dares to question a White House jobs report.

Katie Couric!

The implications of this ground-shaking development have yet to be felt. Certainly, there must be some explanation for this sudden about-face by one of Obama's top non-critics. While one is being concocted, I'll just let that soak in for a while.

Wow! Just wow.

Climate Science Insists Upon Itself

Fraught with errors that a six-year-old can easily recognize, climate "scientists" are now trying to downplay many of the breathless predictions of gloom and doom that serve to alienate the public and make us "deniers" question the whole notion. Via Drudge, the Times Online article cites efforts to minimize exaggerated claims, noting that

"... the contribution of natural climate variations towards events such as storms, melting ice and heatwaves is too often overlooked, and that possible scenarios about future warming are misleadingly presented as fact."

Never mind that "natural climate variations" are overlooked as the cause of "climate change" in the first place. It seems as if maybe a few scientists might just be aware of how their doomsday scenarios play towards a now-sceptical public. Years of false predictions that never materialized will do that to you. Still, reality might be creeping into the argument,

"We’re not in a position to say how likely it is and what the chances are of it being different. There’s an understandable tendency to want to make climate change real for people and tell them what’s going to happen in their postcode, and that’s very dangerous because it gets beyond the level on which current models can operate.”

Hmm, do I detect a bit of humility in that last quote? That maybe this elaborate hoax of "climate change" isn't as bad as we've been led to believe? That maybe common sense is telling some of these scientists that we live on a planet that's fully grown and can take care of itself, regardless of what mankind does on its surface? That perhaps they can't predict the future after all?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Think Grayson sounds a bit daft? No, it's not you.

I'm ashamed to admit this, but Alan Grayson is the representative from my district. He was swept into office on Obama's coattails last November and has since distinguished himself by delusionally declaring that the Republican health care plan could be summed up this way: "die quickly", thus managing to bypass every valid argument that Republicans hold against the massive boondoggle of government-run ObamaCare.

If his rants sound a bit, how to put this delicately, batshit crazy, there is a reason. It seems he has spent some time in a mental institution. According to this article, it was only a few days, but obviously it was long enough to polish his rhetorical skills for Washington.

This explains quite a bit.

UPDATE! starts the effort to remove this guy from Washington.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama: the Anti-Business President

While surfing the web this morning, I found two articles that dovetail together. First, there's this post at Big that says what most of the country's business concerns already know: Barack Obama hates business.

And then, as if to confirm the first post, I found this in the St. Pete Times site showing how stimulus money, instead of benefiting stable, critical sectors of our economy like manufacturing, is being used to train hairstylists and masseuses over in Tampa.

I have nothing against hairstylists or masseuses, by the way. But these jobs depend on discretionary income which usually is the first expense to be cut when hard financial times hit, thus making them quite volatile. This is further proof that Obama and the Democrats in Washington haven't the first clue how our economy works.

During the last campaign, some of us discovered that Obama was instrumental in an ACORN lawsuit that forced banks to lend money to people who couldn't afford a home loan. As absurd as this sounds, it was later discovered to be SOP with ACORN: it's their mission to upend traditional fiscal rules in the name of racial equality.

In an example of backwardness, (I hope that's a word) ACORN could instead promote the creation of wealth within the community that it so proudly claims to represent. But do they advocate the creation of new business or merely the redistribution of wealth, commonly known as theft? Ask yourself if, after nearly forty years of existence, the communities that ACORN serves are better off. If the residents have good paying jobs and are able to afford their own homes. If they're doing their best to truly lift the community out of poverty.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Fallacy of Renewable Energy Explained

I found this in the sidebar over at Ace's place. The author explains in very clear terms the physics behind energy and why wind, solar, and geothermal sources of energy are unwieldy, in addition to being wonderfully expensive to build and maintain, much more so than existing sources like oil and nuclear.

In short, there is much more energy available in oil than in wind. And there is much more energy available in nuclear sources than solar. Both wind and solar require huge amounts of land to produce a useful amount of electricity, something that environmentalists are currently discovering in their now-vehement opposition to these sources that they've been advocating for years. The holes in "green technology" have been apparent for many years by those who understand physics. Wind and solar power can only be used as a supplement to our existing power generation methods. And no type of green energy sources will power one single jet aircraft to rotation speed.

The environmental movement no longer about the environment, but about power, and I don't mean the electrical kind. I mean power (or control) over you, your life and the life of your children. While we should be good stewards of the Earth and not be wasteful, the movement has been co-opted by politics as a means to implement policies that have nothing to do with pollution. Indeed, many of the ideas that they embrace would have had you laughed out of a bar not too long ago, such as the belief that mankind has the capability of altering the weather patterns of something as large and complex as the Earth. Hard-core, radical environmentalism even advocates the outright elimination of humans on Earth, as if to deny the entire purpose of our existence as some sort of cosmic accident. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. We weren't placed here randomly. There is a Grand Plan, whether one recognizes it or believes it or not. Frankly, the Truth doesn't care what you believe, it exists independently of your wishes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tide Turns - Hometown Newspaper blasts Obama

No, not the Hawaii home town. The other, windier one.

You know things are getting bad when the Chicago Sun Times start criticizing their own. And you know things are really bad when over 93% of those responding to their online poll disapprove of Obama's job performance. (Click on over and vote.)

Expect that number to be his nationwide average soon. Hey, it takes a while for folks to catch on.

Florida Unemployment Rate tops 11%

September numbers are out and Florida's unemployment rate is 11 %. The Miami Herald has an article highlighting just one of the many stories of unecessary suffering brought about by the destructive policies of this administration. Big Government has an unemployment chart that should scare you, if you weren't scared already.

Our current economic troubles could be fixed. Taxes and regulations could be reduced. Small buinesses could be encouraged to start or expand. We could have leaders who understand the importance of maintaining and improving the standard of living for all Americans.

This doesn't need to happen. It is within our power to stop this downhill slide and restart our country's wealth creation engine upon which we and the rest of the world depend. It's time to demand that our candidates promote the creation of wealth and prosperity.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fox News fights back, says letterhead is expensive to replace.

Via Drudge, Fox News is fighting back against White House advisors who asserted on Sunday they weren't a legitimate news organizations. They have help from some rather unexpected places.

Media columnist David Carr of the New York Times warned that the White House war on Fox "may present a genuine problem for Mr. Obama, who took great pains during the campaign to depict himself as being above the fray of over-heated partisan squabbling."

Is this more of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals in action? It sure seems as though the White House is isolating and ridiculing Fox news. Not all of Alinsky's Rules have to be used at once.

Oh, and one more thing, just so you know: Alinsky dedicated his book to the devil.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fox News to change all corporate letterhead.

Politico reports David Axelrod told George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This Week" that the Fox News "is not really a news station."

What's funny is that a "not really a news station" manages to trounce other news outlets like "let's fact-check a comedy show instead of radical leftist czars in the White House" CNN in viewer ratings week after week.

David, wishing won't make it so.

And, perception isn't reality, reality is reality.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Warning from Lord Monckton

Well, so much for posting lighter fare on the weekend.

I found this very disturbing post over at Atlas Shrugs where one of the defenders of common sense issues a dire and frightening warning about the upcoming climate treaty to be signed in Copenhagen. In it, he outlines the very real danger to our republic from what should be an innocent and mostly ceremonial climate treaty.

I don't scare easily and I've never believed in any sort of conspiracy theory, but this made chills run up my spine, and I wonder if this is what Obama and the radical leftists who populate the halls of power in Washington have been planning all along. Namely, to actually and in reality, take our country away from us and cede our sovereignty to some sort of world government. Needless to say, this absolutely must not happen.

This link takes you to Global Climate Scam where you can send emails to your representatives urging them to reject this treaty and the Cap and Tax Bill.

Some Good News

Since it's Saturday and all, I'd like to post some good news. Mona Charen over at NRO has a nice, weekendy article on the coming (and make no mistake, it is coming) defeat of Democrats in the midterm elections. The Obama administration has been such a fantastic failure in its first nine months that average Americans who formerly were disinterested in politics have realized that their government has been taken away from them. They can no longer trust their representatives in Washington to promote mainstream American values like self-governance and fiscal responsibility.

Confidence is high.

A Very Good Question

Jeff Pope over at Pajamas Media poses an interesting question, one that conservatives have been asking for quite some time: Who is Congress representing anyway? If the polls are accurate, it sure ain't us.

In a perfect world, those who truly represent us in Washington would put the interests of the majority of Americans first, not those of special interests.

But you already knew that, just by looking at the title of this blog.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sarah Palin's common sense energy policy

It's no secret that Democrats and their green bedfellows are instrumental in preventing America from utilizing our vast natural resources in direct opposition to public opinion (again) and our national interest. In her typical straight-forward style, Sarah Palin offers up the solution to our energy needs over at NRO.

Here's the money quote: "Decreasing our dependence on foreign sources of energy will reduce the impact of world events on our economy."

Once upon a time, we had leaders who understood the value of minimizing outside influences on our economy. But today, leftist idealogy clearly places the needs of American citizens behind those of other nations, hence the emphasis on a worldwide economy. Those who trumpet the notion of diversity somehow fail to notice that some countries will have different ideas about economics and will pursue different goals, all in their own self-interest. We are just now beginning to see that a global economy is unwieldy at best and can be dangerously disruptive at worst. Anyone who remembers the oil embargo of the 1970's knows this to be true.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for trade whenever and wherever possible. But energy is what enables trade and keeping energy costs as low as possible means we should be producing as much of it as possible domestically.

We can and should be as energy self-sufficient as we can be.

Poets, Priests and Politicians Have These to Thank...

Our friends over at Founding Bloggers have a great article that outlines the care and thought that is put into manipulating the language used to convince you that a government takeover of our health care system is a good idea.

When you're allergic to the truth, you have to resort to manipulation.

Alinsky Sting Targets Rush Limbaugh

Now that Rush is no longer a member of the group attempting to buy the Rams, he is free from the confidentiality agreement and can tell his side of the story.

We can believe one of two scenarios. Either a group of experienced sports investors dropped the ball or Limbaugh was set up. Add in the nebulous existence of George Soros as a member of the group and you have the perfect situation with which to publicly bludgeon a well known conservative. This is how an innocent (and what should be a private) sports transaction becomes political. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and ridicule it mercilessly.

Something sounds fishy about this entire affair. How could they not have remembered the firestorm from his comments about the media's adoration of Donovan McNabb that resulted in his being fired from ESPN for offering a simple observation? Did they not do any research at all? And what does the screaming and lying coming from liberal sports writers and announcers say about them? Is the Keith Olberman model of political insanity uniform among them? It sure seems to be.

It is indeed a sad day when partisan far-left radical politics is so pervasive that it enters the (formerly) benign refuge of sports.

Well, that didn't take long. The backlash has begun.
Rush has the final say on the glaring double standard and the use of the race card against him by professional racists.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Harry Reid knows the cost of Health Care Reform. Hint, it's more than you think.

Harry Reid, while trying to whip up frenzied support for tort reform to be included in ObamaCare, lets slip a number. It's higher than the last figure we heard and more than the Stimulus Bill. A lot more.

Funny how our elected officials are so determined to pass a piece of legislation that will greatly increase federal spending, add to our mountain of unsustainable debt, destroy our current system that works just fine, thank you, and that poll after poll shows Americans don't want.

Obama finally decides that jobs are important

President Obama, in a dramatic policy change, has decided to begin exploring ways to create jobs.

Might I suggest some ways to help you, Mr. President?

1. An immediate and substantial reduction is business taxes. Say to around ten percent to remain in effect for ten years.

2. Abandon the Health Care Reform Bill in its current form.

3. Abandon the Cap and Trade Bill.

4. Institute a national right-to-work law. Let America decide if it wants to unionize. Or not.

5. Roll back all environmental regulations after 1980.

If you're serious, Mr. President, prove it by your actions. Demonstrate your leadership.

Really, it's OK.

Inaugural Post and Mission Statement

Welcome all, to the site that attempts to answer the question, "Why is everything backwards?"

My primary focus will be on politics and common sense solutions to the problems that face us in America, but other topics will be explored to break up what could become an extremely tedious subject.

The mission will be to explore conservative alternatives to big government programs, with an eye towards the best solution for the greatest number of people. My belief is that a well-informed population will eventually arrive at a mutually beneficial solution all by themselves, without any prompting from Washington. I also believe, much like Ayn Rand, that individuals acting in the best interests of themselves and their families and guided by their conscience are the driving force for good here on Earth. I also believe that our free market economy has done more to benefit mankind than any other in history, and left unfettered, has the potential to do even more to elevate the human condition.

As serious as this sounds, I intend to sprinkle liberal doses of wryness and humor on these opinions whenever possible, as a comic sense of the absurd helps us to retain our sanity in a backwards world.

I sincerely hope I can offer a worthwhile forum, have a few laughs and maybe even learn some things along the way.

Let's set our sights on the second star to the left...