Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Time to Repeal Global Warming Regulations

Those of us who trust our instinct and can recognize manipulation have a reason to celebrate. The revelation of e-mails in the Anglia Climate Research Unit show what many of us have suspected all along: climate data has been altered or omitted, quite possibly to an unlawful extent in order to sway public opinion and legislation. Accuracy was not in the interest of those whose efforts depended upon research grants, only the perpetuation of panic. I'll direct you to more articles here, here, and an excellent documentary here.

One thing I always wondered about this whole affair: if there were a true crisis of planet-sized proportion that endangered each and every life-form and that required such a radical reordering of life in order to mitigate the effects of it, and forced legislators of every stripe to furiously write rules and regulations and force us to spend billions of dollars on it, wouldn't we see some concrete evidence every day? Like brown skies? Overflowing lakes and rivers, not occasionally, but for many years in a row? Killer hurricanes that traverse areas previously untouched, like Montana? Something, you know, real?

I don't recall any of these things happening. Certainly nothing out of the ordinary cycle that I've seen all my life. Yet a group of people seem convinced that mankind was causing irreparable damage to the Earth by innocently living their lives and wanted me to change my lifestyle to an extent that strained most areas of logic. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating polluting our water supplies or anything like that. Those kinds of things have very real and tangible effects on us, easily visible, definitely negative and detrimental to us all.

But I digress.

I now call upon our legislators in Washington to do the only honorable thing. I call on you to repeal each and every law and regulation that was based on what has now been proven to be a hoax. Immediately. Kindly employ the same zest and fervor you used when you wrote them to strike them from the books. Your swift action in this regard will be the only apology necessary.

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