Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Couple of Bits for Wednesday

Here are a few things to get you going today. B'Gal and I are still recovering from the Daytona 500 Monday night. That was one of the wildest races ever, there were two wrecks that happened right in front of us (we were seated trackside just down from the pit road exit) and Juan Pablo Montoya's crash into the track dryer was something you don't normally see in a race. Junior almost won. If he had started his charge to the front just a bit earlier, or from second place instead of third place, he might just have won his second 500. Instead, Matt Kenseth got his second 500 win. Congratulations to him. I'd have pics, but my camera has gone to that great electronic repair shop in the sky.

OK, here's number one: In a post that would be worth a few chuckles for its outright audacity and propaganda, check out this Obama tongue-bath by John Melloy over at He seems to think that the stock market is up in anticipation of Obama's reelection. I almost hate to tell him that that's not exactly the case. The market is anticipating Obama's exit from office. But the best part is the comment section. Do scroll through and read what everyone else has to say to the author. They *ahem* set him straight.

Reality. What a concept that would be, huh?

The second thing is this radio interview with Uncle Ted Nugent, the Motor City Madman. It's inspirational, patriotic and appreciative of our fighting forces and the freedoms they give us. In other words, the total opposite of the type of government we're all forced to live with.

Tell us something we don't know: Obama Administration Admits It Is NOT Working To Lower Gas Prices

Well, that's it for today. Discuss amongst yourselves, leave a comment, or send a link to a friend or enemy.

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