Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Riddle of the Angel Priest UPDATED! Real Priest Found!

Here's an interesting story: a young accident victim is trapped in her car. She's seriously injured but awake through it all. At one point she asks for the emergency service people to pray out loud  with her. Out of nowhere, a priest appears, anointing oil in hand, and calms both the young woman and her rescuers, then disappears.

This is, as the young'uns say, way cool.

It's possible that the priest was just passing through the area and happened upon the scene. This is the most likely scenario, at least to me. He may be found eventually and we'll learn his name and his parish.

But what if he's never found? His appearance on a road that had been closed for a quarter-mile in both directions was unexpected and his departure from the accident scene went unnoticed.

OK, that's still not unusual. Many good Samaritans don't stick around after they've helped someone. But where this story takes a turn is that the priest doesn't appear in any of  the nearly 70 pictures taken at the scene.

This story just got way cooler...

UPDATE: Here's an interview with one of the police officers at the accident scene who shook hands with the priest.


The priest has been found. Rev. Patrick Dowling. Thank you, Father. What you did at the accident scene was just what was needed for the emergency responders and the victim.

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