Friday, June 27, 2014

Another Video You Should See

Wow. American Life really sucks these days. The economy's in the crapper, money's hard to come by and those we elect to do our bidding in Washington could care less about us as long as they have their power and money.


But before you draw a warm bath and get out the razor blade, listen to Bill Whittle's latest offering: Get to Work. I may have to watch this first thing every day.

On a partially related note, I have some friends who are decidedly Democrat who occasionally post something from some loopy leftard sites on my Facebook page. Since I consider myself fairly well read on current events, it's not hard to refute them. As since I like having friends, I never rebuff them directly, but do rebuff the outrageous articles they post from places like Media Matters for America, Mother Jones and the like.

It has become great sport for me. I hope all 16 of you have a similar pastime.

h/t to Bad Blue and Gates of Vienna

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