Friday, December 12, 2014

The Speaker of the House Initiative

Let's have some fun with this new Congress, shall we?

I'm proposing the Speaker of the House Initiative.

It goes like this: some enterprising individual declares his or her intent to become Speaker of the House. Since this position doesn't need to be filled by a sitting representative, anyone can apply. This person creates all the necessary social media outlets to stay connected and releases ideas for legislation he or she would propose as Speaker.

This person could also propose alternatives to current procedures and legislation.

At the end of, oh, say, one year, ask for a vote in the House. If nothing else, it would make the legislative process a bit more interesting.


Weirddave said...

Hey BB,

I saw your post today at AoS:

"This is what needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

Or in the ear of every Millennial.


I tried that 2 Saturdays ago. They told me it was "racist".


setterguy2014 said...

Hey BB

This is the Misanthropic Humanitarian. Welcome back to the AoS posting. I have the same "banned" problem as you did. Can you help me out on how you got unbanned or forward my info to Ben?