Friday, October 23, 2009

The Fallacy of Renewable Energy Explained

I found this in the sidebar over at Ace's place. The author explains in very clear terms the physics behind energy and why wind, solar, and geothermal sources of energy are unwieldy, in addition to being wonderfully expensive to build and maintain, much more so than existing sources like oil and nuclear.

In short, there is much more energy available in oil than in wind. And there is much more energy available in nuclear sources than solar. Both wind and solar require huge amounts of land to produce a useful amount of electricity, something that environmentalists are currently discovering in their now-vehement opposition to these sources that they've been advocating for years. The holes in "green technology" have been apparent for many years by those who understand physics. Wind and solar power can only be used as a supplement to our existing power generation methods. And no type of green energy sources will power one single jet aircraft to rotation speed.

The environmental movement no longer about the environment, but about power, and I don't mean the electrical kind. I mean power (or control) over you, your life and the life of your children. While we should be good stewards of the Earth and not be wasteful, the movement has been co-opted by politics as a means to implement policies that have nothing to do with pollution. Indeed, many of the ideas that they embrace would have had you laughed out of a bar not too long ago, such as the belief that mankind has the capability of altering the weather patterns of something as large and complex as the Earth. Hard-core, radical environmentalism even advocates the outright elimination of humans on Earth, as if to deny the entire purpose of our existence as some sort of cosmic accident. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. We weren't placed here randomly. There is a Grand Plan, whether one recognizes it or believes it or not. Frankly, the Truth doesn't care what you believe, it exists independently of your wishes.

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