Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama: the Anti-Business President

While surfing the web this morning, I found two articles that dovetail together. First, there's this post at Big that says what most of the country's business concerns already know: Barack Obama hates business.

And then, as if to confirm the first post, I found this in the St. Pete Times site showing how stimulus money, instead of benefiting stable, critical sectors of our economy like manufacturing, is being used to train hairstylists and masseuses over in Tampa.

I have nothing against hairstylists or masseuses, by the way. But these jobs depend on discretionary income which usually is the first expense to be cut when hard financial times hit, thus making them quite volatile. This is further proof that Obama and the Democrats in Washington haven't the first clue how our economy works.

During the last campaign, some of us discovered that Obama was instrumental in an ACORN lawsuit that forced banks to lend money to people who couldn't afford a home loan. As absurd as this sounds, it was later discovered to be SOP with ACORN: it's their mission to upend traditional fiscal rules in the name of racial equality.

In an example of backwardness, (I hope that's a word) ACORN could instead promote the creation of wealth within the community that it so proudly claims to represent. But do they advocate the creation of new business or merely the redistribution of wealth, commonly known as theft? Ask yourself if, after nearly forty years of existence, the communities that ACORN serves are better off. If the residents have good paying jobs and are able to afford their own homes. If they're doing their best to truly lift the community out of poverty.

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