Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Bits of Tid, Model T Birthday Edition

Another good Friday to you all. The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful.

My Crimson Tide narrowly escaped the clutches of Arkansas last Saturday. They'll definitely have their hands full tomorrow night with Florida. Which brings me to one of the joys of being a grandparent. The youngest just turned 5, her mom is a die-hard Gator fan, so what could be more fitting for a birthday present than a crimson T-shirt that says "Roll Tide"?

And speaking of birthdays, on this day in 1908, the first Ford Model T completed production, paving the way for America's modern industrial boom. Many engineering concepts came together to help the new method of manufacturing, the assembly line, become the standard for mass production.

Many species previously thought to be extinct have been rediscovered. The closer we get to the truth about the world, the sooner we can rid ourselves of the false concepts the radical environmental movement uses as an excuse to control us and restrict our economy. First, global warming was uncovered as the hoax many of us suspected all along, now we see that the Endangered Species Act is also based on a hoax. When we return control of Washington to the adults, this is yet another law they should seriously consider repealing. I'm all for preservation, but not at the expense of personal property rights or freedom.

I still wonder what would've happened if the eco-freaks were around when the dinosaurs met their demise. We know that mankind had nothing to do with that, so how would they have reacted? Not much differently than they do today, methinks.

And now to the bits.

Who you gonna call? Why the real, live, Ghostbusters, that's who. In California, which I guess is appropriate.

The economy can't be so bad that they're laying off police dogs, can it?

Fox News discovers what we've known all along. Everything tastes better fried on a stick. (State) Fair, balanced, and delicious.

This is one daughter whose dad won't worry when she goes on a date. She killed a 448 lb. bear with a bow and arrow.

"Like, duude, I think I ran off my buzz when those cops started chasing us. They'll never find us here, man."

Drunk man drives drunk woman to police station. He had to drive, he was too drunk to walk.

Mmmmm, chocolate. An Armenian chocolatier creates the world's largest chocolate bar.

Mmmmm, mmmmm. Closer to home, Hershey's plans to let you design your own candy bar.

In politics, this is considered a gaff. Virginia congressman admits "If you don't tie our hands, we will keep stealing."

And finally, from Ace, Alan Grayson, national embarrassment and Satan worshipper. Enjoy.

Have a good weekend. B'Girl and I are still moving. I hurt where I don't even have places...

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