Thursday, October 7, 2010

What If?

Mindless tasks have merit. Anyone who’s ever done such things as gardening or car repair know what I’m talking about. For me, such activities were a welcome respite from the demands of work and the mental rigors of solving problems or figuring out a method for accomplishing a given task. This is also why riding a motorcycle is a form of meditation for many. The brain and the body seemingly operate on autopilot, freeing the mind for thought and analysis. Or not.

Moving does that, too. There are no life-or-death decisions to be made, just move the box. And as long as I stay away from bright, shiny objects, I’m good. Things can be carried to the extreme, IYKWIMAITYD.

What if...

…we were to become united as a people again, with a shared heritage of freedom and responsibility, and rejected the efforts of self-serving, power-hungry politicians to divide us?

…we were to insist that our representatives acted for the greater good of the majority of Americans, not just moneyed special interests who don’t embrace American values?

...we demanded truth, honesty, and integrity from our elected officials at all times?

…we were to chart an economic course that emphasized American-made products for our consumption, not through protectionism and artificial tariffs, with enough left over for trade?

…we dedicated ourselves to diversity in the marketplace so that those who enjoy working with their hands as well as their minds could secure a good future for themselves and their families by reinvigorating the manufacturing sector?

…we decided to utilize our God-given natural resources responsibly, such as our vast oil and natural gas reserves, and started building nuclear plants and oil refineries again while we make the money necessary to research alternative energy sources and make them cost-competitive?

…we finally recognized that there are folks inside our country who are enemies and treated them as such, to be shunned and disrespected?

…we told those enemies that we do not hate them and they are welcome to leave?

…we returned to the concept that immigrants are expected to become true American citizens and assimilate into our society, learn our language and customs and embrace our way of life?

...we dedicated ourselves to influencing the world through our actions here at home, to be the shining light of freedom, goodness, and human potential?

…we recognized our enemies abroad and withdrew our aid when they acted against us in the court of world opinion?

…we rejected those within our own government who advocate global governance of any kind?

...we pursued the goal of an impenetrable missile shield to protect us?

…we rediscovered our heritage and history and began to teach their words and ideas to our children in school instead of the lies of “The Story of Stuff?”

…we returned radical environmentalism and its supporters to the fringes of society from whence they came and rejected the false notion that humankind is capable of any long-term environmental damage?

...we restored the rule of law clearly and fairly to everyone?

…we recognized the simple truth that human life is to be honored and preserved above any other creature?

…we just understood the Truth and lived it every day?

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