Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Bits of Tid, Bacon Edition

Mmmmm, bacon...

But first, some good news. Representative Gabby Giffords continues her remarkable rehabilitation, according to Rabbi David Lyon of Houston. She's sung the tune American Pie and is eating "Jewish penicillin," otherwise known as chicken soup. This blog sends her best wishes and may God speed her recovery.

Lucky Des Moinians, Des Moinites, Des Mons, people who live in Des Moines. They had their Fourth Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival last weekend. I could gain five pounds just smelling it. And who among us wouldn't want a slice of a BLT pizza? Be sure to practice good hygiene by brushing your teeth afterwards with Bacon Flavored Toothpaste.

Perhaps that's where this truck was headed before it crashed with 20 tons of mayonnaise aboard.

Here's a great vid of the last launch of Discovery as seen from the air courtesy of via Instapundit. Could they possibly have some Space Beer stashed in the cargo hold? Bacon too?

This is true alcohol abuse. Angry woman wrecks liquor store. Police are on the lookout, the rest of us are wondering what these innocent bottles did to deserve such a fate. The horror...

All my cousins back home in Alabama (basically the entire state, Hi Y'all!) enjoy the slower pace of life there. Nobody's in much of a hurry as evidenced by this letter that was just delivered postmarked 1944.

When fold-out couches attack.

When ducks attack.

And finally, well, this really needs no explanation. I was a climber and spent my formative years in trees. That trait was passed on to BackwardsBoy's Boy, who one day went missing at the age of two. Didn't find him until he giggled from atop the fridge...

Have a good'un.

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