Monday, August 15, 2011

Surprise! Obama's Popularity Dips Below 40%

It's 0:6.30. What does the 0 stand for? Oh, my goodness, it's early (with apologies to Good Morning Viet Nam).

Instead of bringing the DOOM! on the economy on this Monday morning, I thought I'd let you guys know something that's becoming glaringly obvious to the nation: President Obama's popularity has officially sunk below 40%.

And while America's economy burns, he fiddles. Actually, Obama is trying to devise a strategy for him to pin the blame on Republicans in general and the Tea Party in specific. And he has help from Time magazine (h/t Ace). Recall, a certain Boy predicted this earlier, although it wasn't that hard to do. Scapegoating, it's not just for breakfast anymore.

The Blogfather, Glenn Reynolds, brings up another point I made recently about psychological inconsistency. I'll let him 'splain it to you, Lucy:

SO THE OTHER DAY I HAD A STORY ABOUT THE FBI TREATING “PREPPERS” AS POTENTIAL TERRORISTS, and then when I was in the car yesterday I heard a PSA from the Department of Homeland Security pitching . . . disaster preparedness via its site. So if you do what Homeland Security recommends, the FBI will wonder if you’re a terrorist. Sweet.

This isn’t really that surprising — one part of the government telling you to do things that another part of the government regards with suspicion. Each department has its own agenda, and its connection to any sort of overall strategy is largely coincidental. Treat them with the deference that this fact deserves . . . .
It's bad enough when individuals can't cope, but it's a bit more when that malady becomes typical of an entire government. You're damned if you do, well, pretty much either one.

OK, Backwardians, enjoy your day.

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