Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Interesting Read - The End of American Conservatism?

Here's a link to an article by Kyle Becker over at Conservative Daily News that I thought all fourteen of you might like: The End of American Conservatism?

It's not a Doomy as the title sounds. It's more of a call to arms in the ideological battle we face with our enemies. Here's a sample...

American conservatives, as we have come to be called, have been blessed by inheriting one of the greatest nations on earth. But we have been cursed by limitations, in both our language and our manner of thinking, that have doomed us to a perpetual rearguard struggle against a determined and even fanatical adversary – the American progressive, an indigenous variety of socialist.

Unlike in warfare, where one can hold the line against barbarians until the hordes expire, ideas have an eternal life of their own, and are thus immune to the earthly tactics of hand-to-hand combat among flesh-and-blood foot soldiers. If one seeks to defend one’s ideals against an opponent, rather than advance them, one is already politically dead.

If you follow politics at all, there is no doubt that the Founding Principles are under assault. In fact, one could argue that we're in a philosophical war, played out in the halls of power and the voting booth. Our enemies are of the mind that theirs is "new" and "modern" way of thinking, casting aside such allegedly outdated ideas as freedom, individuality, and personal responsibility. Never mind that what socialist/progressives propose has been an abject failure, to say the least, every single time it has been tried. The results of the imposition of their socialist utopia has been filled with death and destruction.

Becker maintains, rightly in my humble opinion, that these ideas are timeless and everlasting. They are the struggle eternal between the forces of freedom and the forces of slavery that have existed since the beginning of man.

You should also understand that you are involved in this philosophical fight, whether you realize it or not. Perhaps it's time to choose your side.

I won't spoil this for you, click on over and have a good read. And *ahem* be sure to read the comments...

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