Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obama Administration - Let the Invasion Continue

May You Live in Interesting Times. This isn't a toast, it's a curse. And whoever wished it upon us is no doubt chuckling with glee right now.

As all fourteen of you are probably aware, the Supreme Court announced their decision to effectively stop the state of Arizona from stopping the flood of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border into our country. They did leave intact one part of SB1070 that allows Arizona to detain illegals.

The interesting part of this is that within hours of the Court's decision, the Obama Administration announced that the Department of Homeland Security would no longer assist the state in the prosecution of illegals.

PowerLine has this assessment of yesterday's events:

Next, the administration announced measures designed to undermine the portion of the Arizona law that was upheld, unanimously, by the Supreme Court. The Department of Homeland Security said it would exclude Arizona from a program known as 287(g), which allows the feds to deputize local officials to make immigration-based arrests. A Homeland Security official explained that the administration finds such agreements “not useful” in states that have Arizona-style laws. I guess the program is “useful” only in states that aren’t taking meaningful measures to identify illegal aliens.

Accordingly, local police in Arizona will have to rely on federal officials to arrest illegal aliens. But federal officials have made it clear that the feds will not respond to calls from Arizona law enforcement unless the person detained meets certain criteria, such as being wanted for a felony. Being an illegal alien is not enough. As Obama showed with his unilateral mini-DREAM act, this administration is no longer interested in enforcing the immigration laws except perhaps against illegal aliens who are shown to have engaged in felonious conduct.

In addition, the Justice Department set up a hotline through which people can complain about having their immigration status checked by Arizona law enforcement officials. Obama thus hopes to drum up complaints against Arizona law enforcement agents. He wants to make the federal government a party to the harassment of those trying to do what Obama won’t – enforce the law. Obama hopes to intimidate them into not using their authority to address the severe problem of illegal immigration — authority granted by the state legislature and upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court.
So this administration, much like the previous one, refuses to uphold the laws of the United States by ignoring established law in order to gain votes among the Latino community.

We're putting up with this, why, again?

I should note that it's illegal for any administration to refuse to enforce a law. It's also unConstitutional. My question is, why is no one calling out the president on this? Why is no one in Congress speaking up against this outrageous action that defies the very foundation of our country and the Founding Principle of the Rule of Law? Why isn't the Supreme Court not warning this president that he is in violation of the law and his Oath of Office?

What are you all afraid of?

Why is a secure border politically controversial?

It's no coincidence that those on the Left hide behind the false charge of Racism on this issue. It's their fallback position, since they have no real argument for their cause. It's tiresome and ignores the entire reason they hold office. But the persist because  their goal is not the same as our goal: theirs is to destroy our country, which we average citizens are allowing them to do.

There is a way to defuse the false charges of racism, but for some reason, those who are in a position to stop it are reluctant to use it. How difficult is it to preface a remark on the illegal immigration problem with a statement similar to this: "We (or "I") are all for welcoming those who wish to become Americans in accordance with our laws, but..."

This administration has made it clear it has no wish to uphold the law or the Rule of Law which states that everyone is to be treated equally.

Thus, we are being invaded with the full consent of the White House.

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