Friday, September 28, 2012

Debate Prep Questions for Obama

Courtesy of Instapundit, Jennifer Rubin has some questions for President Obama that just might come up. That is, they'd  come up if there were politically balanced moderator. As it stands now, we can probably expect Mitt to get questions like, "Have you stopped beating your wife?" while Obama would get questions like, "What's your favorite color?"

Anyway, here are a few of hers...

If Iran is much closer to getting a bomb than when you took office, isn’t your Iran policy a failure?

 After Sept. 11, 2001, there were no terrorist attacks on the United States, but during your administration there have been the jihad-inspired Fort Hood massacre and the killing of four Americans in Libya, so isn’t your anti-terror record worse than Bush’s?

Why is the recovery under your presidency worse than any other recovery since WWII?

If you can decide not to enforce all of our immigration laws or amend the welfare work laws without Congress, why couldn’t a President Romney decide not to enforce Obamacare or parts of the IRS code?


And here are a couple of mine...

You promised to make energy prices "skyrocket," one of the few promises you've managed to keep to the American people. Would you please explain your reasoning and tell us how this will benefit the average American family whose breadwinners may be struggling. 
Since man-made climate change has been proven to be a hoax for several years now, can you explain to us why you continue to believe in it and to pursue related policies that hinder the economy?

You often confuse your Fast and Furious project that allowed thousands of guns to be put in the hands of Mexican narco-terrorists and resulted in many deaths on both sides of the border, including Border Agent Brian Terry, with  a similar, smaller program by president Bush. Do you know the difference between those two separate programs?

Have you stopped beating your children?

 Have I mentioned that I'd love to moderate one of the presidential debates?

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