Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Bits of Tid, Elizabeth Taylor and Pinetop Perkins Edition

Amidst all the chaos and suffering in the world, this blog brings a brief pause on Fridays.

We need it.

This week saw the exit of two great American artists. Elizabeth Taylor was held in high esteem for her on-screen roles and off-screen life. Here's a good site that lists many of her accomplishments. She was an accomplished horsewoman who did most of her own riding and stunts in National Velvet. Won two Oscars. I had forgetten this little item: she offered herself in exchange for the 100 hostages in the Entebbe terrorist standoff. She will be missed. And yes, I know she was English.

The second exit this week was one of the few remaining pioneers of that uniquely American musical art form, the blues. Pinetop Perkins passed away in his sleep at the age of 97. His web site is here. As a musician myself who has grown to appreciate the many flavors and significant contributions of this deceptively simple music genre, I'm saddened that so many of the early artists are largely unknown until their death. Their lives give us the soundtrack to recent American history and their stories are filled with everything that encompasses life, all the highs and lows blending beautifully into a melancholy celebration of life. There's a link on his site to his charitable foundation for musicians, if you're so inclined.

OK, let us tid.

Everything's better on a stick. Food, that is.

Here's how to show up for your DUI court date: drunk, carrying an open beer with four more in a bag, and an hour and a half late.

"Hey bub, that's not in my contract." Union security ignores package bomb for weeks at a Federal building. The country's in the very best of hands.

This robber's probably glad he's dead. Imagine how he would've been treated in jail when his fellow incarcerees found out he was shot with a pink .38 pistol.

Searching for signs of intelligent life between Hugo Chavez's ears. He says capitalism may have ended life on Mars. Umm, OK Hugo, whatever you say...

More news about the scourge of the world, stolen condoms. When will this madness end?

Millions of dead sardines found in California. From the article, "The authorities are still trying to decide what to do with the dead sardines." Hmm, well, you could get some crackers, some hot sauce and beer. But be on the lookout for specials on pizzas that include free sardines.

Speaking of pizzas...

...and dogs...

Have a Backwards Weekend everyone. I will.

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