Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paper Blood – The Global Economic War Against the US

I admit there are days when I wish I weren’t interested in politics. I could just boot up my computer, kick back with a cup of coffee, and entertain myself with Oscar results, the travails of Lindsey Lohan, or the latest buzz on American Idol contestants. But due to some curse, I find myself drawn to all things political, mesmerized by the efforts of mankind to rule himself. The juxtaposition of human nature and the machinations of government draw me in just as surely as a well-crafted song. High points, low points, counterpoint, tension and release, all played out on the stage of life.

This song came to mind as the soundtrack for today’s act…

While perusing the Interwebs this morning, I ran across a link at the Blogfather’s site, Instapundit.com. With his usual understatement, it goes like this:

ECONOMIC WARFARE: Was the U.S. a victim of an economic 9/11 in 2008? Unclassified DoD report at the link.

What I found at that link was cause for concern. Great concern. A lot of great concern. A metric shit-ton of it in fact.

Contained in that report, aside from a great deal of financial information that I was unaware of (being the layman economist that I am), were the details of a global effort to bring down the US market. The breadth and depth of the effort took me by surprise, as it will you if you’re brave enough to read it.

I must warn you, it isn’t for the squeamish.

The average American, upon reading this, would be quite rightly befuddled at the concept of anyone else in the world going to such lengths to harm us. The overwhelming majority of us want nothing more than to have a good job so we can provide for our families. We haven’t personally done anything to warrant such a reaction from anyone in any other country. We don’t want to subjugate anyone else, in fact the opposite is true. We are more than willing to share our freedom and prosperity with others. However, as we are slowly finding out, the rest of the world would rather destroy us than to have their own people live in peace and freedom. Such is power of corruption and the corruption of power.

Since this report is over 100 pages, it’s a thick read. Just my own notes were enough for a week’s worth of posts, but since I know you guys don’t care for that much detail here, I’ll try to limit this post to just the highlights. Take note of this: there is little in the way of conspiracy theories in it. All the evidence of a global financial jihad against us has already occurred.

The report points to the obvious enemies of radical Islam but also includes other well-known enemies who are working behind the scenes to topple our government, and with that, destroy our way of life. We’ll start with Osama bin Laden’s remarks in his 21 December 2001 message:

“… The economic bleeding is continuing to date, but it requires further strikes. The young people should make an effort to look for the key pillars of the US economy. The key pillars of the enemy should be struck, God willing... Thanks to Almighty God, those blessed attacks, as they themselves admitted, have inflicted on the New York and other markets more than a trillion dollars in losses. …hitting the economic structure…is basic for the military power... It is very important to concentrate on hitting the US economy through all possible means.”

We’ve heard these statements before from him, what we haven’t heard is how he plans to carry out his goal of our economic destruction. It’s here that this report details the financial instruments through which our enemies can wage an economic war on American interests and institutions. And just so you know, it’s pretty much everybody: Iran, OPEC, Russia, North Korea, Hugo Chavez, and George Soros all have a hand in this.

You’ll learn about Sovereign Wealth Funds and how they financed “bear raids.” You’ll also discover the curious differences between two similar raids of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. You’ll find out why Credit Default Swaps are dangerous to companies that aren’t in the housing market. Ditto for hedge funds and short selling.

Especially enlightening is the section that chronicles the running up of oil prices in 2007 despite any drastic disruptions to the world supply.

Although replete with references to the financial hows and whys that cause most people’s eyes to glaze over, the author does a good job of defining them and giving short explanations of how they work. If you don’t yet know how short selling works or what a “bear raid” is and the damage it can cause, you’ll know when you finish reading the report.

You’ll also be scared shitless.

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mrkwong said...

The mind boggles at how much harm might have been averted if the useless Chris Cox had just put the uptick rule back in place semi-permanently.