Monday, February 28, 2011

The Great Wall of Washington

There is a wall in Washington. It’s well constructed and apparently impenetrable. It’s nowhere and everywhere, invisible yet pervasive. This wall has no name, but is well defined. It isn’t meant to keep out invaders. This wall is designed to keep those in our current administration separated from reality and common sense.

The wall is evident in many ways. Take the current turmoil in the Middle East. In times past, America was somewhat insulated from the effects of political unrest half a world away. But this New World Order that’s being constructed, often by persons unknown and unelected by us, we’re being shepherded into a global economy that just plain isn’t working.

Nowhere is this more evident that at the gasoline pump. As you’ve no doubt noticed during the past week or two, gasoline prices are going through the roof. Now think back on all the times you’ve heard politicians say we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil supplies. Compare that to the reality of what you’re paying today.

That, gentle reader, is The Wall.

I can think of no other reason for high gas prices than the effect of this Wall. To each and every sentient citizen, the answer is extremely simple: we should be actively and aggressively harvesting our natural resources. Do you think that if we were doing what we once did, we’d be suffering at the pump?

By now, we should all know the answers as to why we aren’t pursuing a national energy policy of drilling and refining American oil. For generations, we’ve been prohibited from doing this by environmental groups and their handmaidens inside the Beltway. Lie after lie has been foisted upon the public claiming that we’re “destroying the planet” by using fossil fuels (even that description is debateable) despite a yearly tsunami of new and ever more restrictive environmental regulations. Even after the hoax of man-made global warming was revealed, politicians continued to pursue their misguided policies restricting our ability to generate energy as though nothing had happened.

I don’t need to tell you how rising fuel prices will kill our economy. You’ve already received a cut in pay over the last weeks, and this is just the beginning. Remember back to 2008 and how high gas prices rippled throughout the economy, raising the price of just about everything we make and consume.

Now, as a thought experiment, try imagining what it would be like if we had mature, responsible, and thoughtful leadership in Washington. We’d be drilling and refining our own oil today. Oil would be far less expensive, well under the $100/barrel we’re seeing today. Jobs would be created here, wealth would be created here. More Americans would have more buying power. World oil prices would fluctuate much less and political unrest in faraway lands would have less of an impact here at home. We'd have the money to effectively research viable alternative sources of energy that actually work.

Kind of like how it used to be.

OK, back to the real world, where logic, nor common sense, nor the laws of physics, nor concern for the nation can penetrate The Wall. Expect more empty words from this administration, more counter-intuitive ideas, more belief in the fairy tale of mankinds destruction of the planet. Expect more of what got us into this mess instead of a concrete, proven plan to get us out of it.

Such is the power of The Wall.

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