Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama and the Unions – As Thick as Thieves

As the debate in Wisconsin over Governor Walker’s effort to balance the state budget intensifies, we’re finding out all kinds of things about the unholy alliance between the Democrat Party, President Obama, and unions. When it began, Obama came down squarely on the side of the unions with whom he has been aligned since the beginning of his political career. Naturally, this put him at odds with Republicans and the rest of Wisconsin who elected Walker with the mandate to manage the state effectively.

As I outlined yesterday, we now understand how unions and the Democrat Party work together to fund their political machine. In this case, unionized state workers are paid by tax dollars, a portion of which goes to the unions in the form of dues. Those dues are then used almost exclusively to fund Democrats who, once in office, funnel more taxpayer dollars to the state employees, a portion of which goes to the unions in the form of dues, which are used to fund more Democrats, until we reach the point where the game must end.

Curiously, the Wall Street Journal has an article that tries, weakly, to spin Obama out of this. I’m sorry to have to tell the fine folks over at the WSJ, but you’re a bit behind the curve. The rest of us are paying close attention to this, as it has a direct effect on our pocketbooks.

As President Obama has appeared to back down his rhetoric on this confrontation, other Democrats have stepped up theirs. As I predicted yesterday (damn I’m good at this stuff), Massachusetts Representative Mike Capuano has walked back his irresponsible and reprehensible statement inciting union members to “get a little bloody” in their protests. Um, Mikey, it’s a bit late for that, especially when you were among those who shamelessly blamed the Gabby Giffords attack on the Right.

However, as the young folks say, it’s all good. Or at least they used to say that.

This issue has given the country a good look at unions, who their leaders are, what they say and what they do, and the role that the Obama administration plays in backing the unions in a fight that shouldn’t be happening.

Here’s a video of the national face of Labor, Richard Trumka. See if you can detect just a teeny, tiny bit of a factual inaccuracy in his statements…

Now it seems as though this fellow doesn’t have even a basic grasp of economics. As the chart on the video plainly shows, and all of us know, the Obama administration is responsible for the highest deficits in our nations’ history. The deficit is one of the main reasons we can’t get our economy out of the ditch, to borrow a phrase, since the federal government is busy vacuuming money from the private sector that could be going into real investments to generate wealth and tax revenue.

If you’d like a bit more info on Trumka’s background, click here, and here. Do click and edumacate yourself, and ask these questions, “Should this guy have the ear of the president? Is he qualified to occupy any position in Washington that purports to create jobs?”

I think not.

About the good part of this issue, there are a lot more folks asking questions about the role the unions play inside and outside the Beltway. Bill O’Reilly is asking, as is Charles Krauthammer.

There is a golden opportunity for Governor Walker and the American people to break the stranglehold of unions on the various states budgets and greatly diminish the political power of unions to drive the Democrat agenda. I don’t think union leaders will like that very much. As we’ve seen, the unions will stop at nothing to lie, cheat, and intimidate the public to keep their power.

If it’s a fight they want, it’s a fight they shall have.

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