Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is It Time for America to Close Ranks?

If you keep up with the news, you may have noticed that the rest of world is on fire.


Yesterday, Glenn Beck scratched the surface of the turmoil in the Middle East in an attempt to warn us of the dangers we face from events on the other side of the globe. It wasn’t pretty, to say the least. The failures of the US to embrace freedom and self-determination of our allies there have led to the riots we’re now seeing. By propping up dictators, we’ve proven that we don’t really mean what we say when it comes to freedom. We want it for us, but seemingly for no one else, judging by our actions on the global stage for the past few decades.

In addition, many of the factors that have fueled unrest in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Ireland, Greece, Spain, and elsewhere are now present here. Wayne Allyn Root over at Breitbart’s Big Government has this article that outlines these factors. If you aren’t quite ready for a drink this morning, you will be after you read his post. Here is an excerpt:

• The U.S. budget deficit is far more than even economic experts imagined.

• Unemployment is up yet again — far more than the experts projected.

• Social Security shortfalls are bigger and have happened sooner than any expert predicted — a decade sooner.

• Fourth Quarter GDP was lower than projected — and even the figure released was merely the result of the Fed printing fake money 24 hours a day, to create false consumer confidence, to prop up a U.S. economy that is falling off a cliff.

• The foreclosure crisis is deepening beyond what any expert imagined. As a result, real estate prices are falling even further, thereby threatening not only consumer spending, but the very survival of major banks.

• Inflation is skyrocketing on the two things that matter most — food and energy prices. One more disaster — perhaps the fall of Egypt, leading to an oil crisis — could lead to a hyperinflation that could turn America into a combination of Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic.

• We already face economic Armageddon on a state and local level. U.S. cities, counties and states are teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Their grave financial condition is the result of massive unsustainable spending and debt, caused in large part by irresponsible public employee salaries, pensions and health benefits. The worst part of this crisis is that the stimulus money is gone and the federal government is bankrupt, unable to bail itself out, let alone the cities, counties and states.

• There are early signs of revolt and anarchy here in America — with a record number of policemen shot and killed during a two-week period in January.

• The Middle East threatens to turn into a powder keg that could lead not to democracy, but to radical Islamic control of many Arab countries. This grave new threat to America, American interests, and the survival of our ally Israel, would lead to more military spending and a potential oil crisis that could engulf and overwhelm the U.S. economy. In our current vulnerable economic state this tragedy could set off a worldwide economic panic.

• Japan’s credit rating was downgraded on what most economists agree is a disastrous slide toward oblivion. Japan’s debt is so huge it can never be repaid. As one famous economist describes the crisis they are facing: “Japan is a bug in search of a windshield.” Japan’s impending implosion could also trigger a worldwide economic panic.

• Spain just announced unemployment of over 20%. Not only does this news threaten the survival of the EU, it also drives a stake through Obama’s strategy for saving the U.S. economy by creating green jobs. Spain proves there is no market for green jobs. The whole idea is a mirage created by leftist progressive politicians desperately grasping for straws.

Note that the common denominator in all this is money (pardon the pun). All of the countries caught in this quagmire are all to the left of us, politically. And by being to our political left, these countries leaders are also less capitalistic than we are.

Did you notice how our economy began its decline when the progressives Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took control of Congress in January of 2007? Here’s a little reminder of what economic conditions were when they took office – our unemployment rate in October of 2006 was 4.4%. Compare that to the 9.4% (down from 9.8%) we’re currently enjoying and it becomes plain that the first thing leftists do when they attain power is to destroy the economy, creating problems where there were none, so that they can provide the “solution”. In this case, a massive expansion in government control of the economy, which is smothering all of us in unprecedented debt.

How’s that hope and change working out for ya?

Needless to say, this doesn’t have to happen. We’ve done it to ourselves by our indifference to politics, by thinking that whomever we elect to office will automatically act in our best interests. If you think this is still the case today, then it’s time for you to burn your voter registration card and exit the political system because you are a big part of the problem.

The solution to our problems is a greater interest in politics. The Tea Party has been instrumental in getting Americans interested in politics like never before. By outlining a national agenda that puts us first, we can avoid the unrest that threatens to envelop the rest of the world.

We need to become self-sufficient as a nation. By every measure, this move towards a global economy is a grand failure. We are blessed with rich natural resources like oil that we can’t harvest because we our own government is preventing us from doing so. By ridding ourselves of anti-American posers in Washington we can build our own products for ourselves, mine and refine our own metals, grow our own food and thereby insulate ourselves from those on the world stage who have repeatedly announced their hatred of us.

But we need to get busy. Time is against us. We need to led our leaders know that we don’t want riots in American streets due to sloppy monetary policies. We are still the world’s largest economy. And we’re about to lose it.

We need to take the reins back and control our own destiny. We need to remove the self-described Socialists (Bernie Sanders) and Progressives (Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Durbin, and too many others) from Washington and replace them with folks who will act in the best interest of America.

Let's get cracking.

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