Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Democrat Representative Calls for Union Violence

So much for the New Civil Tone in politics. Massachusetts Representative Michael Capuano is calling for union protesters to become violent as a response to efforts by Republican lawmakers to balance their state budgets.

How nice.

In a report by The Hill, Capuano was rallying union supporters Tuesday when he said this, "Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary."

Is this what we’ve been reduced to? As most folks should know by now, public sector union pensions are posing a real threat to many states’ ability to balance their budgets. Year after year of increasing demands from unions have resulted in a greater share of tax dollars going towards unions. It’s not just pay rates; even those are now above the national average for most job descriptions. When you factor in benefits that are paid for by taxpayers instead of the union members, the total bill becomes quite expensive, exceeding the national average by a substantial percentage.

But when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker tries to do what the rest of America has to do during this recession, his efforts are met by the unions with demonstrations. Tens of thousands of demonstrators have descended on the state capitol, many bused in from out of state and assisted in their efforts by the Democratic National Committee and President Obama’s own group Organizing for America. These protests have been largely free of violence up until now.

One wonders why a sitting Congressman would be advocating violence. Didn’t we just receive a lesson from the Professional Left following the attack on Gabby Giffords? Wasn’t the Tea Party falsely accused of all sorts of things? Even Sarah Palin got the blame when anyone with two functioning neurons to rub together knew differently. All of the finger-wagging came from the left, whom, as we all know, is incapable of uttering a syllable of incivility towards their political opponents and would never stoop to such tactics as comparing a sitting president to Hitler. Nor would they consider making a movie about the mythical assassination of a sitting president. Or compare him with a chimpanzee.

No, they would never do such a thing.

By now, America has learned how the unions have gamed the system. Public sector unions are paid with taxpayers’ money. Union dues are collected from those members, which are used to pay for the unions’ political support of Democrats. The Democrats, once in office, are indebted to the unions for their support and give the unions sweetheart deals. Money then goes back to the unions to support more Democrat candidates, who again give unions favorable deals in a never-ending cycle of back-scratching and hand-washing.

At least everybody involved is hygienic. Everybody except the taxpayers, that is.

You can expect this reprehensible incitement to violence by a sitting Congressman to be walked back, probably by the end of today. He will doubtless say that’s not what he meant in a weak attempt to appeal to the rest of the country’s non-union populace.

However, the cat is out of the bag, as it were.

America is at a crossroad. We can either continue down the road we’re on, where public sector unions (with the very socialist Richard Trumka as their public and private face) can continue to drain local and state coffers of money, or elected officials can do their duty to the citizens and start to rein in the outrageous demands for an ever-larger piece of a shrinking pie.

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