Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Bits of Tid, Presidents Day Edition

Yeah, I know it was last Monday, but then again, George Washington's Birthday is really on February 11th. Go figure.

Anyway, I thought about calling this the Wisconsin Missing Democrat Edition, but I've spent all week on the subject. I am tired, as are you. Wouldn't it be nice if the people we send to do our business actually did it? Maybe what this needs is a phone app. Find the Missing Senator. Hmm...

On this day in 1890, Vlacheslav Mikhaylovich Skryabin, foreign minister for the Soviet Union who took the revolutionary name Molotov, is born in Kurkaka, Russia. There's a cocktail named after him, but I sure wouldn't want to drink it.

A tidding we shall go.

The world's oldest wedding cake.

Flexibility, like youth, is wasted on the young. A handcuffed suspect drives off in police cruiser.

Doc, it hurts when I do this anything. Chinese surgeons remove four-inch-long knife blade from man's head.

Doc, it hurts when I do this ride my bicycle. Warning for picture of something that you'd think would really, really hurt, but didn't stop him from finishing a race.

This will surely solve all of Detroit's problems: a statue of RoboCop.

Oh wow, duude, I like totally fergot that today, way back sometime, some dude named Robert Mitchum got busted for weed.

From across the pond, David Thompson posts this link to the Space Suit of the Week.

There is no fun in Islam - Formula 1 race cancelled due to unrest in Bahrain.

And finally, apropos of nothing now that football season is over, here's UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee and his amazing magic football...

Y'all have a good'un.

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