Monday, October 3, 2011

Shouldn’t We Fear Global Cooling More Than Warming?

This Monday, I thought I’d spare you the economic gloom and doom that I normally bestow upon you on this first day of the workweek.

Well, not really, here’s a chart you should see: The Obama Presidency by the Numbers.

No, today I want to explore a point that one of my fellow Morons made a couple of weeks ago in a thread over at Ace’s Place and mentioned in the title. Maybe we’re being told the wrong thing in this whole “global warming” debate.

Snark I much.

There’s no doubt in my mind, and in the minds of others who doubt the entire notion of mankind’s ability to change the global climate, that we’re being lied to in order to be manipulated politically and to act against our own best interests. You need not be a climate scientist to understand what’s going on, all you need is a healthy dose of skepticism and your own common sense.

Let’s set aside the fact that some in government are relying on a group of people who haven’t the slightest idea what the weather will be one month from today to tell us what the climate will be in one hundred years, like a certain governor from a state whose name rhymes with New Jersey, one Chris Christie. He seems perfectly content to abdicate his personal responsibility to question this subject. If he were the kind of politician we need, he’d be reaching his own conclusions based on his own knowledge and intuition.

We’re being preached at, normally on a beautiful, picture-postcard, Chamber of Commerce endorsed day that the Earth is in “crisis” and we’re to blame. Every action we innocently take as we go about our daily life is causing irreparable harm to the planet and we need to revert to some past technological time and forego our modern lives in order to stop it.

But what if “global warming” actually served to work in favor of mankind? Bear with me for a moment.

Wouldn’t a warmer global temperature be better suited for growing crops? Wouldn’t that help us feed a growing world population by increasing the amount of productive land?

I’m just asking here.

What are we so scared of? Al Gore seems to be the political equivalent of Chicken Little, upon whose head an acorn fell, causing said youthful chick to fear something for no reason. Except in Gore’s case, he wanted to make a lot of money from it through his very dubious carbon exchange program, which has since proven (thankfully) to be a bust.

Another thing that these global scaremongers seem to forget is man’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances. While we could adapt to cold, we’d still find ourselves at the mercy of the elements whichever way the climate went, warmer or colder. But wouldn’t we be better off if the Earth did get just a little bit warmer? Personally, I think more farmland and more favorable growing conditions would be a good thing for everybody.

It’s rather difficult to plow frozen land from what I understand.

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Anonymous said...

Based on crop productivity and livable climate, yes, global cooling is much more dangerous than global warming.

Consider: when Jamestown, VA was first settled, the winter was so harsh, they ran out of food, ate their dogs, their horses, and now it's proven they even ate each other. Virginia seems so mild now, even in winter. Yet, during the "little ice age", when Jamestown was first settled, Earth was perhaps one degree C cooler than now. A few degrees lower, and ice sheets start spreading across continents.

During the age of dinosaurs, Earth was 10 to 12 degrees C warmer than today, and life thrived from poles to equator. Yes. Fear global cooling.