Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Bits of Tid, Fourth of July Edition

"Happy birfday, "merca!"

That's my imitation of the MFM's charicature of a Tea Pary-goer.

Good, no?

Anyway, the old gal doesn't look a day over 150, now does she?

Perfectly timed for the July 4th holiday this weekend (which means it's been carefully choreographed, of course), President Obama will award a Medal of Honor to a living soldier.  

Be a good patriot and fly your Official Obama Flag. Made in China.

And speaking of patriotism, 8 percent of Russians believe their soccer team will win the World Cup. There's just one teensy, weensy, little problem.

You can buy your very own village, complete with pub.  You'll have to provide your own idiot. May I suggest your Congresscritter?

Did they make him give it back or did they keep it as evidence? Man arrested for entering house, taking shower.

I wonder if this is the shower guy. Man Drifts a Mile into Gulf on a pool float. Alcohol may have been involved.

There's no fun in Islam.

Where's my flying car? Right here.

And finally, since it was such a big hit last week, I present Conan the Barbarian, the Musical.

Y'all have a fun holiday, don't eat too much, and Go Junior!

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