Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pete Stark's Disregard for the Nation on Display

Sometimes you see something on TV and you have to stop and ask yourself if you saw what you just saw. If you have the means, you rewind and watch again. If that doesn't do it, you rewind and watch until it finally sinks in. And still, there's a part of you that refuses to accept it.

That was my reaction to this video of Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) at a recent town hall meeting.

We have a real problem with border security. This issue has been ignored for years and by several Presidents. President Bush's failure to secure the border was part of the reason for his low approval numbers even among the people who otherwise supported him.

The consequences of Washington's failure to enforce the nations' immigration laws has led directly to the deaths of many innocent Americans. Recently, a large swath of a national park was closed due to the overtaking of the area by members of drug cartels. Phoenix, AZ is now the nations' leading city for kidnapping and second in the world. Both of these very serious problems were noted by members of Stark's town hall meeting.

But does Stark think it's a problem? Not judging by his remarks to the audience.

We hear Starks's mockery of questioners, then condescension, then incoherence. Once the initial outrage subsided, I was left to question this guy's sanity. He made it crystal clear that he doesn't consider the invasion by Mexican nationals across our border a serious issue at all, even when it results in the death of Americans.

I must ask my fellow Americans in California: Is this the type of representation that you want in Washington? Does Starks' dismissal of this most serious problem concern you at all? You have a well-known problem with illegals, do you not think that government inaction is a contributing factor?

What of the Constitutional aspects of ignoring border security? The questioner in the video correctly points out that it is the federal government's duty and responsibility to enforce border security. Why is this still not being done? How many more innocent Americans must die before this issue is adequately addressed and order restored to our Mexican border?

It's at this point that I'm compelled to state that Pete Stark is unfit for office and should resign immediately or be removed by recall vote. He has made his views known and they don't seem to include his Constitutional oath to protect and defend the nation. He is ignoring his duties and showing his clear contempt for the constituents of his district and the nation in the face of a mounting crisis.

And I still can't believe what I saw and heard. What a slap in the face, especially on the 4th of July weekend.

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