Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random Musings

It's a somewhat slow news day, which means that there's so much gloom and doom, I can't decide where to start or which story is worse.

Obama has filed suit against Arizona's illegal immigrant law. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer calls it accurately, a "waste". If past administrations had done their job, this wouldn't be necessary. The mere fact that we're discussing this issue is proof of just how far we've fallen away from the principles our Founders held. In a sane world, the right thing would already have been done, namely, the border would be secure, and the invasion of illegal immigrants wouldn't be happening at all.

As with most of our problems, we've pretty much brought this sad situation upon ourselves. Years and years of Washington's failure to secure our borders sends a clear message that we're just not serious about it. If we don't respect our own laws, why should anyone else respect them?

And speaking of laws, Pajamas Media has a post today highlighting the nice young man that was spared the injustice of punishment for his role in the voter intimidation case in Philadelphia during the '08 elections. Remeber the two New Black Panther members who were out in front of the polling place, one gently caressing his nightstick and threatening white voters? From the post, here he is, publicly extolling the virtues of his political beliefs.

Listen to this young, hip urban gentleman gently informing the crowd of his beliefs and then tell me you wouldn't want your daughter to date him.

Meanwhile, oil continues to gush from the Deepwater Horizon well. Progress is being made in drilling the relief wells, they might be finished by next week. However, we may have a bigger problem than we thought. Some 27,000 old wells may be leaking also. UPDATE. From El Rushbo this afternoon. Paraphrasing, it goes like this, "If nobody's checking the wells, how do they know they might be leaking?" Good point. I stand corrected. Actually, I sit corrected...

The excrement has not stopped striking the blades of the fan yet. Here's some more fallout about the incredibly idiotic directives given to NASA Administrator John Bolden by Obama, this time from somebody named Gene Cernan. I'll join Commander Cernan in his demand that Bolden resign. Anything that deviates from the goal of American leadership in space is a waste of time, tax dollars, and considerable talent. Michelle Malkin and her merry gang of mischief-makers have been busy creating a new logo for the agency that better reflects their new focus on, um, Muslim contributions to engineering and science. Whatever they are.

Here's a sample.

More chewy goodness at the link.

It's along about this time that one of my readers will jab the other one and say, "Why doesn't he post anything uplifting?" Well, OK, if you insist. Linsey Lohan is going to jail.

It's news days like this that make one want to save a beer, perhaps several, from an icy death while admiring the scenery from the back porch.

If anyone needs me...

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