Thursday, June 10, 2010

Captain Kick-Ass Strikes Again - Incompetence on Parade

Just when you think the governments' response to the Gulf oil spill couldn't get any worse, along comes more bad news. What with all the unnecessary red tape keeping Louisiana from building berms to keep the oil out of the marshes and wetlands, boots on necks, no chemical dispersants thanks to the EPA, disaster responses that were never implemented, dead fish and birds, jobs lost, kicked asses and all, that Obama has escaped without too much damage to his reputation as a receder of seas and healer of Earth.

You would be wrong, petroleum breath.

Here comes news of an offer that shouldn't have been refused. It seems that the Dutch government wanted to help us in the recovery efforts by donating ships with oil-skimming booms. In addition, they also offered to help us build the berms that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal wanted.

Obama's response? Thanks but no thanks.

It's becoming painfully obvious to all save the most well-programmed of Obamabots that our President is in so far over his head that he has to look up to see the bottom. This situation has already eclipsed the Bush Administrations' perceived mishandling of Hurricane Katrina by exponential factors. One royal screw-up is followed by another, larger screw-up. With each new day dawns the reality that, yes Virginia, experience does matter, particularly when it comes to running the worlds' only superpower. How long we remain in that role is in doubt with our current leadership and its determination to see the country brought down a few notches.

While the focus for the Gulf Coast residents in on cleaning up the spill and reconstructing the areas' economy, the focus in Washington has been how this will play to Obama's political advantage. This disconnect between Obama and the American people, not just the ones in the Gulf, is becoming so pronounced that it can't be ignored any longer. Yesterday, WSJ Online's Dorothy Rabinowitz penned this jewel - The Alien in the White House. It's good and not too long. As they say, read it all.

One wishes for a leader with the brains to solve a real problem. One that doesn't involve wet fingers in the political winds to determine the right course of action. One that could graciously accept help from other countries in a spirit of cooperation and thankfulness.

One with, you know, some real experience.

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