Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pelosi - "I Pursue Policies in Keeping With "The Word" - The Word, "Um, No You Don't"

We've come to expect many things from those we send to Washington, particularly in the past few years; obfuscation, lying, misrepresentation, and the defense of obfuscation, lying and misrepresentation, which always involves more obfuscation, lying, and well, you get the picture. It seems that all we hear from pols is the same old effluence, so when someone manages to do something out of the ordinary, it gets our attention just because it's different.

Our dear Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has succeeded in introducing a new paradigm into modern political speech - incoherence. But she does it so well.

Observe and cringe:

Granted, she was speaking at a Catholic Community Conference in Washington, so a certain amount of kissing-up to the audience is to be expected. But when she says that she pursues policy in keeping with the tenets of Christianity when she clearly doesn't, someone needs to call bullshit.


It's not like she pays attention to Catholic doctrine. She's gotten flak about her alleged beliefs in the past, only to be allowed to receive communion anyway, so the elders of her church obviously don't have a problem with her hypocrisy. In a sane world, her consistent endorsement of abortion (in clear violation of church doctrine) would be grounds for excommunication. But the public spectacle of her being denied entry into the church would cause an uproar, mostly from the right going "Yeah, it's about time!"

But it's her insistence that she's pursuing public policy with an eye towards the Bible that is wrong on so many levels, starting with the truth, that this declaration borders on insanity. If she were truly crafting legislation as though Jesus were at her side, then I posit that we would never have seen the Stimulus Bill, Cash 4 Clunkers, TARP, nor the Healthcare Takeover enacted over the loud objections of most of the country. She'd recognize that she was governing against the will of the people she was sent to represent. In fact, I seriously doubt she'd be in politics at all, given her proclivity towards big government and the control it must necessarily exert upon a free people.

She'd realize that she's the prime driver of the historically low approval ratings that Congress is currently enjoying. The Light would show her that she's defying nearly every tenet of Christianity by crafting bills that reduce our standard of living. She'd know beyond a shadow of a doubt that her policies were directly contributing to the downfall of the most productive society in the history of the world.

She'd also know that a firestorm would erupt had someone like Sarah Palin or George Bush uttered the same lines, but her remarks are protected by a fawning media that is trying to misshape public opinion.

If she were at all serious about governing in a manner consistent with Biblical teachings, I'd suggest she start with the Golden Rule and stop exempting herself from the laws she makes.

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