Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Time to End Class Warfare

Divide and conquer. It's an age-old strategy, but it works.

Originally, it came from a battlefield maneuver that divides a large group of fighters into smaller groups who are more easily defeated. It also works quite well when it comes to politics.

Let's say you wanted to destroy a country like the US. You can't do it from the outside, because the US has the world's best armed forces. So that idea is off the table.

No, prudence dictates that it be done from within. You would need to find some institution like Congress that the people hold in high regard and infiltrate it, fill it with fellow operatives and the weak-willed who won't question your arrogance and who will politely go along with whatever you propose, regardless of how inane or contradictory to American values it is because they don't wish to appear to be confrontational. Think of the term "useful idiots" and you'll have the right idea.

Understand that this won't be done overnight, lest the people start thinking that something might be wrong. You don't want to arouse any suspicions or draw attention to yourself, at least not yet. Not until the time and conditions are just right. But you'll keep up your pressure against your enemy (America) and find new ways to express it. You won't stop.

So your battle will become one of the mind. Through your words, you'll plant the seeds of doubt and confusion. You'll say one thing in order to get into office, and your actions, once you get there, will be the opposite of your rhetoric. This will make your constituents question themselves, not you.

So far, so good.

As part of your campaign to turn the country from one of a unified population into smaller groups who are more easily defeated (or converted to your point of view), you'll start to foster unrest. This will be done through one of mankind's most powerfully destructive emotions: envy.

Instead of promoting the idea that anyone in America can make their mark on the world through hard work and determination, you'll take the opposing point of view that Americans can't possibly make it on their own. You'd just be realistic, that's all. You'd only be admitting what is plain old common wisdom, as though everyone already knew it, but was hiding it in some secret recess of their mind. You'd just be bringing in out into the open. Of course, your definition of "the wealthy" is far lower that that of the average guy on the street, dollar-wise. They think multi-millionaire but your threshold will be far lower, around $250K per year. That's a big difference, but you won't say that out loud.

You'd tell the nation that it's not fair that there are rich and poor. You'd tell everyone that those who gained their fortune did so by exploiting others. You won't say how, that part you'll imply as though it's something so repulsive that you can't discuss it in polite company, but you'll leave no doubt about it.

There's just something about all those rich people that isn't right...

You'll say that you just want to make things right again. You'll just want equality. Why, everyone wants a fair shot in life. That's the American way. It's always how we've done things. Look, even our founders were wealthy land owners, so it's encoded into our national DNA.

Then you'll say it's unfair that there are so many rich people and in order to make life fair, you'll want them to pay their "fair share" of taxes. After all, they have plenty, so they won't be harmed at all. They'll never feel a thing if their taxes go way up. After all, they're rich.

You'll conveniently leave out some details about the rich, because you'll need to paint them as heartless and cruel. In fact, the worse you can make them appear, the better for you and your real goals. Your goals are to control others, in every way you can. Since you're in government, you'll use the best tools at your disposal: government itself. You'll create more and more government agencies with so many regulations that the average citizen can't possibly read them all, never mind understand or comply with them.

You'll leave out details, like the people you want to tax so heavily also happen to own the majority of the country's small businesses and are responsible for the lion's share of job creation. You also won't mention the fact that since there are already so many governmental rules and regulations, it's becoming increasingly expensive to hire someone new. You'll criticize common sense alternative opposition to your plans by calling the critics simplistic or out-of-touch or some other nonsense. But, you'll make it sound plausible, because you're just that good.

And the biggest detail you'll omit is the fact that you are quite wealthy yourself.

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