Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jesse Jackson Gets It Oh So Wrong, Again

Professional racist Jesse Jackson spews his particular brand of ignorance in an article in the Chicago Sun-Times today entitled Back off Obama and solve some problems. Yes, kiddies, the same guy who just a scant few years ago wanted to cut off Obama's manly parts has now seen the light and urges us to leave Obama alone.

Let the fisking begin...that's me in the bold.

American politics isn't beanbag. It is rough, bare-knuckled and often dirty. In today's 24/7 media environment, attack ads are remembered, and the truth has a hard time catching up with a lie. We now have entire TV networks that are essentially ideological propaganda outlets. Do you mean MSNBC and CNN? With Republicans consolidated as the party of white sanctuary, Um, Jessie, your racism is showing again anchored in the South and your redneckism, too and Democrats championing diversity and inclusion, like Nancy Pelosi calling Tea Partiers Nazis? or Harry Reid wondering how Hispanics can be Republicans? the politics of race is accentuated. but not in a positive way Jesse, not by a long shot, and you're one of the main reasons for that.

But given all that, have we ever witnessed anything like the unrelenting assault on Barack Obama? Why yes, yes we have, during the last administration, I believe. I also remember some saying that Hurricane Katrina was all his fault. A hurricane? Really?

Senior senators embarrass themselves by endorsing the big lie of "death panels" in the health care bill. Did you somehow miss the controversy surrounding the FDA's intention to drop its' approval of the anti-cancer drug Avastin because of price concerns? While that's not a panel per se, the outcome is the same for cancer patients: a death sentence.

Judicial and governmental nominees blocked for months by senatorial "holds" grounded on nothing but wanting to obstruct the operation of the government. Two words: Van Jones. There are some folks in Washington who don't think that openly communist, anti-Americans like him belong anywhere near the White House, much less inside it with the President's ear.

This comes as the country faces its worst economic downturn since the Great Depression (begun under Obama's predecessor), two wars (started by Obama's predecessor) and the calamitous malfunctioning of key industries -- finance, housing, health care, energy and more. Um, Jesse, this economic downturn was brought about largely by our own government via the Community Redevelopment Act. Healthcare was fine and only needed a minor tune-up, but the overwhelming majority of Americans wanted the free market work its wonders, not create a massively expensive government program. And those two wars you mention weren't started by us. Remember 9-11? We were the ones who were attacked. And we, in turn, brought down the two regimes who were harboring our enemies. Iran should, by all accounts, be next on the list.

Wow, this is fun. But Jesse's not quite done, which means I'm not either.

But the venom ignores the areas of agreement by simply peddling lies. Obama is assailed for running up deficits, but the great bulk of the deficits -- as any honest analyst knows -- were inherited, the results of the recession, and the funded wars and tax cuts of the Bush years. Really, Jesse? The deficit during the last year of the Bush administration was around $160B. Now, two years later, the deficit is over $1T. Jesse, just so you know, Congress is controlled by Democrats and has been since 2007. They control the purse strings. And in fact, the single act that has done most to reduce projected long-term deficits -- by more than $1.3 trillion over the next 20 years -- is health care reform. Ironically, Republicans are moving to repeal exactly those parts of the bill that would most hold down costs. Do drink some more of that Kool-Aid, Jesse. There is no way that a brand new, shiny expensive government program can possibly bring down the cost of anything. In fact, that one piece of legislation is the main reason that the business community is in a holding pattern, waiting, as Madame Pelosi puts it, to find out what's in it and how much it will cost.

People have the right to say what they wish, particularly in political speech. But having the right does not make it right. Opposition to the president's policies should be combined with respect for his office. Political tactics ought to be informed by the reality that we all want this country to succeed. Democratic House leader Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan were diametrically opposed, but managed to find ways to work -- and to share a drink -- together. Dr. King always taught us to appeal to the better angels of our opponents, even those unleashing dogs and armed with billy clubs. It is a lesson we should not forget.
Our opposition to the President's policies are based on the concept that America is a free country with a limited government. Obama's policies are diametrically opposed to that concept. Obama views America as the world's problem, not a shining beacon of freedom. We all do want the country to succeed, Jesse, it's our President that seems to think otherwise. He has proven his disdain for the country and its people countless times, with the most recent example of his hostility being the support of the Ground Zero mosque which is opposed by some 70% of the country. Respect is commanded, not demanded. Our President acts and speaks as though he greatly dislikes this country.

This is something new for the rest of us.

New and greatly unsettling.

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