Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Al Gore Finally Comes Clean About His Support for Ethanol

Those of us in the know have doubted The Great Climate Hoax for some time now. You don't necessarily have to be a Christian to understand that the Earth's climate operates in ways that aren't completely understood, but that doesn't stop some pointy-headed scientists from claiming that they know. Even worse are the ones who will claim they don't know everything when it comes to climate science, but want us to stop because we don't know how much we might be harming the planet.

Ahh, I just love the smell of environmental bullshit in the morning.

As a Doubter, you have no doubt wondered how the myriad new environmental laws and legislation managed to sail through Congress when the science is far from settled. How can legislators, whose main area of expertise is supposed to be the law, can draft a bill on a subject they know so little about? Al Gore gave us a small insight when he announced yesterday that he supported the first ethanol subsidies in order to pander to farmers in his home state of Tennessee for political gain.

Way to go, Al. Ignore reality and pass around a few billions of someone else's money so you can run for President. Yup, that's what we all voted for.

We have a ready source of energy that doesn't compete with food supplies, is portable and capable of being made into a staggering array of useful products, and has a profitable infrastructure in place, all of which radical environmentalists and idiot politicians want to discard in favor of technology that, despite being on the market for a generation, has yet to take one airplane off the ground. Such insanity should never be allowed in the halls of Washington, but this is the situation that we find ourselves in.

And Al Gore has led the charge.

Perhaps this midterm election will be the beginning of returning our government to common sense and away from outrageous, unscientific claims of gloom and doom, and the bad laws and regulations that inevitably follow.

Expect more of these types of revelations as the Great Climate Hoax is uncovered and discredited and its' proponents are shown to be the snake oil salesmen that they are.

We're still moving, but we got the Internet service turned on yesterday and I had to test it out. Awoke to the dulcet tones of leaf blowers at an outrageously early hour, I guess to welcome us to our new digs, kinda, sorta. Anyway, stay tuned, I should be back after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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