Monday, November 1, 2010

What “Progressives” Want for America

It has come to this, my friends: what appears to be a homeless man on his knees before our President.

This picture should haunt all of us. There is no reason for this to be happening in America.

This is not us. This is the result of “progressive” philosophy and policy in Washington. Does this look like progress to you?

Progressive policy encourages this. Progressive policy thinks we should all be on our knees instead of on our feet. Progressive policy wants us to be dependent upon the Nanny State for our every need. Progressive policy wants to take from the productive and give to the slothful: not those who cannot care for themselves, but those who will not care for themselves.

This has happened because we trusted lying politicians. While we were working to provide the American Dream to our families, lying politicians were scheming behind closed doors to disregard our Constitution and the principles and freedoms that it was intended to secure, saying one thing to our faces and doing something else once safely in office and wrapped in the thick, insulating blanket of self-importance.

This is not us. This is, however, what we have permitted to happen by not engaging in politics and thinking that someone else would look out for our interests. Do you need any more proof before you become interested in your government and who is in it?

Take this picture to the polls tomorrow as a reminder of what we’ve allowed and vow to yourself that this will not be you, or your children, or anyone you know.

Vote as if your life depends upon it. Send a message that we will no longer tolerate this in our country. Send a message to those we elect that we will be watching their every move from now on. Send a message that they will start to govern as we, the majority of Americans, want them to govern. That we expect them to make our lives easier, less complicated by unnecessary government restrictions, high taxes and crushing debt. That we expect accountability from them. That we expect them to tell us the truth all the time. Tell them that we will not accept anything less, and, should they fail to do what we ask, they will be replaced with someone who will.


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