Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Deflating the Big Lie of Multiculturalism

We live in the Era of Big Lies. Future anthropologists will doubtless call this the Fallacious Period and will wonder how we survived as a species when so many seemingly well educated people were so dumb as to believe in the many misconceptions, conspiracy theories and downright stupid things that pass for an informed opinion these days.

There seems to be no end to what we’ll believe: the Earth is flat, we never landed on the moon, Obama’s actually doing a good job. The depth and breadth of stupid boggles the mind.

Chief among these is the myth of Global Climate Change. This radical idea has managed to gain some sort of intellectual traction despite ample evidence that the planet’s climate has the ability to (and proven history of) changing on its own without any influence from mankind. It’s been used as an excuse to drastically reduce our standard of living and impose upon us a totalitarian government peopled by radical environmentalists who think that mankind is a virus on Earth. It’s responsible for countless laws, rules and regulations that are against our best interests but are done “for our own good.” The billions of dollars that this movement has wasted by preventing the creation of wealth have robbed us of the means with which to reverse the very trend its proponents claim is happening. How can we clean up the environment if there’s no money available to do so?

Social regression, thy name is environmentalism.

As destructive as the climate changers have been, there’s another Big Lie that’s even more damaging, that of Multiculturalism. This concept posits that all the cultures of the world are equal, and they all should be accorded equal respect. Except Western civilization, of course.

Clearly, logic, real-world results, and the truth have no place in this cultural theory. And finally, someone stood up to put the lie to the Big Lie of Multiculturalism. One William Levinson over at the American Thinker blog has an excellent post entitled, Dear 'World Community': You Are Not Our Equals. Read it all.

Thank you, Mr. Levinson, for saying what needs to be said. The concept of globalism is another one of those ideas that sounds great on paper, but fails spectacularly when put into practice.

Part and parcel of this grand social experiment is the notion of diversity. Different cultures are to be welcomed and celebrated, and varying opinions are to be included in the grand parade of humanity. The world will be oh-so-much more enlightened with the inclusion of differing points of view. All ideas are valid, since the world is no longer stifled by the outdated concept of right and wrong. Diversity is the key to mankind’s happiness. Everybody everywhere is wonderful, and interesting and exciting! There’s no need to prove yourself, just be alive. Anything you believe is just hunky-dory.

If you feel the need to hurl, go ahead. I’ll wait.

This social theory is also responsible for a massive amount of waste of human capital, as the notion that all must be included in every activity based solely upon appearances has replaced the former standard of individual merit. No longer are you treated as an individual and judged on your actual abilities. No, today, you’re merely another brick in the cultural wall, indistinguishable from anyone else, regardless of your real contribution to the betterment of mankind.

Not quite through hurling? I understand. I’m patient like that.

While all the worlds’ cultures are equal, some are more equal than others. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, Western culture is always portrayed as something less than other cultures. Never mind that Western innovation, borne of freedom (the West’s basic foundation), is responsible for the greatest advance in the human condition in history. No other culture has given the world so much. No other culture has been criticized as much.

Pick a category; Westerners are at the top if they don’t dominate it outright. Mr. Levinson’s post cites only a few stats, but they are telling. In pointing out the stark contrast between Israel and its Arab neighbors, Mr. Levinson notes,

Israel is, like Japan, relatively poor in natural resources. It was however settled by primarily European refugees and emigrants who brought with them Euro-American values that are intolerable to their militant Islamic neighbors. As reported by the International Monetary Fund, Israel's per-capita gross domestic product (GDP) was $26.7 thousand in 2010. Iran's is $4.7 thousand, so one oil-poor infidel is on average more than five times as productive as an oil-rich Iranian Shiite. The per-capita GDPs of Syria and Egypt are less than $3 thousand, and even that of oil powerhouse Saudi Arabia is $17 thousand.

Hmm, that’s interesting. It sounds like some Middle Eastern countries are just like the students who constantly trash the class valedictorian. Clearly, they aren’t as bright: if they were, they’d be competing for the honor themselves. Instead of realizing that they had some serious studying to do, they prefer to denigrate someone who is clearly their superior, as a way of regaining the status they know they don’t have.

Funny how this aspect is overlooked by the diversity-at-any-cost crowd. If you’re smarter that everyone else, that’s bad. I coulda swore that all people of varying abilities were accepted: isn’t that what the word means? If you’re as dumb as everyone else is (and happen to think the same way, too), then welcome to the Diversity Club. This weeks’ meeting will be held on Saturday, since one day is just the same as all the others. It’ll also be held at 3:00 am, since one particular hour is just the same as any other. There’s no president, since everyone’s all equal and stuff. There are no awards to be given, since that wouldn't be fair.

Everybody’s all great and wonderful, which means that nobody really is.

All this would be relatively harmless if the proponents of diversity and multiculturalism weren’t trying to impose their beliefs on us. It’s worth noting that there’s a movement in some circles to ignore American law in our courts and to include decisions that rest upon international law instead. Aside from being extremely unconstitutional, it’s also just a plain bad idea. I certainly don’t wish sharia law to be allowed or even recognized by our court system. If anyone wants to live under it, there are many countries in the world to which they can relocate. American law is the one and only consideration in an American court.

Having studied this curious cultural theory for a while and seen it in action, it’s high time this experiment was concluded.

It has failed.

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