Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Bits of Tid - End of the Weiner Edition

Well, it looks like we won't have Anthony Weiner to kick around anymore. He announced his regination yesterday in a press conference that looked more like a circus. Poor Weiner, it seems he has no skills other than that of a lifetime politician; what will he do now that he's out of a job and has a child on the way?

Not to worry. Weiner has an opportunity to make a move up from the world's second oldest profession to the oldest profession. Hustler Magazine's Larry Flint has offered him a job with a raise.

So, are we to assume he won't be getting royalties from his own doll? It's not only politically correct, it's anatomically correct too.

OK, now that this long national nightmare is over, we can tid with abandon.

Behold the world's longest living light bulb.

What the well-dressed Dad will be wearing this summer - a beer holster.

Apparently, it's illegal in England to shoot off your finger to get rid of a wart.

Prince William could've been an Auburn Tiger.

What Wonder Woman drives. A transparent 1939 Pontiac sedan.

Oh, the shark bites, with its teeth, dear.

Duude, is that, like, a joint on the side of Carl Edwards' car? Far out, man,

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, the PGA's own Golf Boys...

Don't quit your day job, guys.

Y'all have a good 'un, y'all.

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