Monday, August 22, 2011

A Monday Reminder of What We Could Be Doing

Here are a few musings left over from the weekend.

Remember this statement from candidate Obama?

It appears Obama is making this happen. Texas is looking at rolling blackouts. All of it due to a government directive based on an unproven theory that mankind is responsible for the planet’s climate. How better to apply a boot to the neck of a nation than to reduce its energy supply.

I like to think about what we could be doing for ourselves, if we had the type of government we actually want instead of the government we deserve.

We could be bringing new power plants on line in an environmentally responsible way. We could be drilling for our own oil and natural gas. We could be building new nuclear plants. We could be constructing new oil refineries.

We could have a balanced budget. It would probably take a Constitutional Amendment, but then again, wouldn’t it be nice if we had politicians who wouldn’t spend other peoples’ money like it was other peoples’ money?

We could be making products for Americans right here in America.

We could have a secure border with Mexico, thereby stopping the flow of illegals into the country. We could stop all public benefits to illegals (I can’t understand how they are able to qualify for them in the first place). We could be prosecuting the mayors of “sanctuary cities” for violating the law.

We could have politicians who actually thought of themselves as fellow citizens, and would act accordingly. They would carefully deliberate the merits of a proposal or an idea (like man-made climate change) and be able to determine for themselves whether an idea was valid in the real world.

These mythical creatures would make sure that we had a robust economy, low taxes, and a small, weak central government that was dedicated to protecting our country from enemies instead of cutting off the power for no good reason.

They would also be loath to enact any new laws unless there was a damned good reason to do so, understanding that every new law reduces the freedom of the citizenry, something they swore to uphold.

This could begin in 2012 with the installation of a fiscally conservative White House and Congress.

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