Friday, April 27, 2012

Further Proof That Everything Is Backwards - Freedom is Now a "Radical" Idea*

I guess when you've gone off the deep left end of the political spectrum, anything that resembles the Founding Principles would appear "radical" to you. There's so much wrong with E.J. Dionne's article over at the Washington Post that it deserves a good Fisking.

The Stoopid is strong with this one.

It turns out that there is at least one question on which Mitt Romney is not a flip-flopper: He has a utopian view of what an unfettered, lightly taxed market economy can achieve.

He would never put it this way, of course, but his approach looks forward by looking backward to the late 19th century, when government let market forces rip and a conservative Supreme Court swept aside as unconstitutional almost every effort to write rules for the economic game. This magical capitalism is the centerpiece of Romney’s campaign, and it may prove to be his undoing.

Magical capitalism, eh? Well, it did work wonders for us and the rest of the world, right up until this Magical Marxist administration got ahold of it.

But Romney, unlike Clinton, is not offering a program through which government would take specific steps to solve the problems he catalogues. Instead, he is calling on voters to share his faith that our difficulties would go away if the state simply got out of the way, allowed the market do its thing and counted on the success of the successful to lift up everyone else.

That's the way it works, E.J. You see, when capitalism is allowed to operate, this thing called "wealth" is created. Most people know this as "money." When government decides to stick its nose into the private sector to "solve specific problems," we wind up with the type of economy we have today: the new normal of 10% unemployment, stagnant GDP growth, record numbers of Americans living in poverty and requiring food stamps for the first time in their lives, just to name a few things.

But wait! There's more! Here comes the money shot. Brace yourself, Effie...

This is Romney’s true radicalism.

So, in the multi-colored, kaleidoscopic, unicorn-and-Skittle-powered view of Progressives like Dionne, freedom is now a radical idea. Well, I guess after years of imposing more and more restrictions on our economy, what was implied through governmental policy has now been spoken out loud.

E.J goes on to paint Romney's supporters as "The Other."

They may not like government very much, but they are also wary about what capitalism does when the watchdogs fall asleep.

No, we're not. We are wary when we see unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats over-regulating what was once a free market. To death.

They don’t cotton to further tax cuts for the wealthy. They reject the idea that worrying about how unequal the rewards in our society have become is the same thing as being “envious” of those who have done well.

We've seen just how un-rich you have to be to qualify as "wealthy," and we know that line starts just about the place where individual Americans decide to start their own small business. As for your heartfelt concern for "unequal rewards in our society," I politely call Bullshit. Just in case you haven't looked outside recently, E.J., life isn't fair. There have always been people with more or less than everybody else. Our system was originally constructed to provide an equal opportunity for all to succeed, not to guarantee equal outcomes, as you suggest. Equal outcomes, as we have seen during the past three years, means equal misery for all.

They are fully onboard that opportunity and not “entitlement” is the American way.

Yes, yes we are.

We've seen failure up close and personal. Most of us know at least one family member or friend who has lost their job, their home, their marriage, and their life to the Utopian fantasy of Socialism embodied in this administrations' policies. That is, if it hasn't already happened to us.

So there you have it, folks. It's official now, straight from the Progressive Pravda Media Machine in Washington: Freedom is now a radical concept.

Thanks for the heads up, E.J. We will all begin to act accordingly. The first thing we'll do is vote out each and every Communist/Progressive we can find and point out the massive, epic failure of you and people like you to impose your Socialist principles on us.

We aim to make the word "progressive" as  vile and disgusting a term as its goals for this country are.

*It's also proof that Progressivism is a mental disease.

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