Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Economics for Idiots (and Libtards, BIRM)

I found this over at The Angry White Dude web site. It's a video from motivational speaker Tony Robbins that explains what Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi (during their time in the 111th Congress) have actually done to our national finances.

Tony lays out the facts in a straightforward way that even Libtards can understand.


He also cites the indefatigable Iowahawk, whose understanding of math and numbers humbles everyone in Washington daily.

This is appropriate to show on the anniversary of our third year without a budget, just so you know.

If you have any friends of the Leftard Persuasion who still think that the record deficits imposed upon us by this administration are nothing to worry about, and that by simply taxing the rich so they pay their "fair share" of a debt they had nothing to do with everything will be just fine, let them watch this video.

Good luck with that. And, what are doing with idiots like that for friends anyway? Don't you know any smart people? At least anybody who can count? Come on...

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