Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Oh, great.

NASCAR has been hijacked by the EPA. The fans aren't happy (nor should we be), as the comments in this link show. One does wonder, given the well-known intimidation tactics of this corrupt, Progressive/Marxist administration, what NASCAR was threatened with. I find it difficult to believe that Bill France Jr. did this on his own.

In all fairness, we should've known this was coming when American Ethanol was introduced into the fuel. As you know, ethanol is made primarily from corn, which is food. This drives up the cost of everything that uses corn and depletes our food supply for absolutely no reason other than to satisfy the radical, far-left, mankind-hating eliminationists who psychotically think that we're a pox on the planet. It just so happens that these idiots are in charge of our energy policy. Not to mention that the ethanol makes gasoline less efficient and destroys various components of your older vehicle's fuel system.

It also plays into the man-made global warming hoax.

It's just sad that a racing organization can be corrupted by this administration.

Is nothing sacred?

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