Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Twitter Smackdown of Epic Proportions - #AskMichelle

If you missed it, or are new to Twitter (like me), you need to check out this link. It's from Michelle Malkin's Twitchy site and chronicles an epic smackdown of Obama's reelection effort.

If you have a Twitter account and you didn't see it, look up the hashtag #Ask Michelle.

The First Lady was soliciting questions, and boy, did she get them:

I'd like to if it's hard to vacation so often? Does she get tired? @MichelleObama

So, @MichelleObama, why hasn't your husband fired Eric Holder yet, what with Fast and Furious and all?

how is the food in Spain? I can't afford to go on vaca there (or anywhere). Is it fun using my $ for extravagant trips?

Will you come to my house and make my kids' lunches for me? I'm too stupid to make good choices.

So, that's how it's done on Twitter, eh? I just may have to explore that a bit further...

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